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Maribeth Back
Senior research scientist, FX Palo Alto Laboratory


Maribeth Back is a senior research scientist at FX Palo Palo Laboratory. Her current research focuses on the intersection of virtual environments and real-world collaboration, with a bit of ubiquitous computing mixed in. She leads the Mixed and Immersive Realities group at FXPAL, looking at how the interplay of virtual environments with mobile systems and sensor-fusion networks can be useful in enterprise settings. Previously, Maribeth’s research included smart environments (real and virtual), multi-modal interface design, ubiquitous computing, new forms of reading and writing, and interactive audio systems design and engineering. Maribeth holds a doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in Computational Design.


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Timothy Childs (TCHO ), Maribeth Back (FX Palo Alto Laboratory)
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What happens when high-tech chocolate factory meets high-tech research lab? TCHO of San Francisco is a new kind of chocolate factory, founded by a Space Shuttle technologist and a chocolate industry veteran. TCHO is working with FXPAL, a high-tech research lab in Silicon Valley, to apply emerging technologies in clarifying end-to-end chocolate production processes. Read more.
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