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Tom Igoe

Tom Igoe
Associate Arts Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU

Website | @tigoe

Tom Igoe teaches courses in physical computing and networking, exploring ways to allow digital technologies to sense and respond to a wider range of human physical expression. Coming from a background in theatre, his work has centered on physical interaction related to live performance and public space. His current research focuses on ecologically sustainable practices in technology development. He is the author of two books, “Making Things Talk: Practical Methods for Connecting Physical Objects,” and with Dan O’Sullivan, “Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers,” which has been adopted by numerous digital art and design programs around the world. Projects include a series of networked banquet table centerpieces and musical instruments; an email clock; and a series of interactive dioramas, created in collaboration with M.R. Petit. He has consulted for The American Museum of the Moving Image, EAR Studio, Diller + Scofidio Architects, Eos Orchestra, and others. He is a contributor to MAKE magazine and a collaborator on the Arduino open source microcontroller project. He hopes someday to work with monkeys, as well.


Materials, Objects
Location: Empire Room Level: Novice
Tom Igoe (Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU), Brian Jepson (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
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Ever wanted to get a real understanding of how RFID works? In this workshop, you'll learn about the different classes of RFID devices. We'll discuss what RFID can and can't do, what devices are already on the market, and what kinds of future applications are possible. $70 materials fee required. Read more.
Location: Crystal Room Level: Novice
Tom Igoe (Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU)
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Recent innovations in materials and processes have radically changed how stuff is made. There's not much talk, though, about how stuff is un-made. In this talk, Igoe will explain where stuff goes when you throw it away, how that's affecting the environment, and how sharing some of the intellectual property of the making process can facilitate the un-making. Read more.
Plantr's goal is to evangelize sustainable gardening in urban environments, while building social networks, increasing the awareness of ecological processes, and contributing to our micro-level understanding of climate in urban spaces.
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