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Mike Kuniavsky

Mike Kuniavsky
Founder, ThingM Corporation

Mike Kuniavsky is a writer, designer and researcher exploring the intersections of high technology and everyday life. People around the world use his 2003 book, “Observing the User Experience,” to understand the relationship between people and products. He is a cofounder of ThingM, a ubiquitous computing development studio and was a founding partner of Adaptive Path, a San Francisco internet consultancy. He founded Wired Digital’s User Experience Lab. His next book, “Smart Things,” expected in 2009 from Elsevier, will discuss ubiquitous computing user experience design. He blogs at


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Mike Kuniavsky (ThingM Corporation)
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Distributed networks create distributed ownership. The identification and wireless networking pieces of ubicomp allow us to turn familiar objects into subscriptions. At a fundamental level, this affects how those objects look, work, and are used, and it changes our understanding of the nature of ownership and utility. What has already become a subscription? What will? Read more.
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