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Brad Templeton
Chairman, EFF


Brad Templeton is chairman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (the leading cyberspace civil rights group.) He is a director of the Foresight Institute, a futurist/nanotechnology think tank and a director of BitTorrent Inc. Previously, he was founder and CEO of ClariNet Communications, the first dot-com company and the author of 12 packaged software products and other software package. He also created rec.humor.funny on USENET, from 1988 to 1995 the most widely read publication on the internet and now the world’s longest running blog. He is also a photographer, and has been for 10 years a popular technology-based artist at Burning Man.


City Tech
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The story of how robot cars, no longer science fiction thanks to DARPA contests, will change cities, manufacturing, energy, and of course travel, not just by driving us (saving millions of lives and trillions of dollars) but also by delivering, parking, and refueling themselves to save the electric car and the planet. Read more.
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