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PLAYPOWER - Let's Go 8-bit!

Exploring the intersection of 8-bit art, culture, gameplay and learning by playing with open hardware and software.

Photo of Jeremy Douglass

Jeremy Douglass

U. California San Diego

Jeremy Douglass is a postdoctoral researcher in Software Studies at the University of California San Diego, in affiliation with Calit2, the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, and Visual Arts. He researches critical approaches to software and code using the analytic frameworks of the humanities and social sciences.

Photo of Derek Lomas

Derek Lomas

The Playpower Foundation

Derek Lomas would like to meet you.

Design for Development, Design for the other 90%, Social Design, Learning Game Design, Educational Technology Design, ICT4D

Derek Lomas is a research scientist and artist at the California Institute of Telecommunications and Technology (, where he directs the Social Movement Laboratory (

Lomas received his MFA in Visual Arts from UC San Diego and his BA in Cognitive Science from Yale University.

Photo of Daniel Rehn

Daniel Rehn

Playpower Foundation

Daniel Rehn is an artist, designer, and researcher.

He is the Creative Director for the Re:Game lab and Playpower — a foundation that designs and distributes learning games for developing countries with a low-cost ($12) computer.

Daniel and Adam Robezzoli are currently developing the LA Game Space — a non-profit interdisciplinary lab in Los Angeles that will offer artist residencies and public programs.

Rehn also conducts research at Calit2 with Lev Manovich and Jeremy Douglass — they are pioneering “cultural analytics” (the visualization and algorithmic understanding of pop culture and the humanities).

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