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"Video for Change - The Tech Behind Building a Space for Human Rights Video"

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WITNESS founder Peter Gabriel had a vision – a place online where anyone anywhere could upload and share video footage or stories about human rights, and where this video would kept safe, and used to create action. His vision was realised on December 10th 2007, when the Hub, as the site is known, launched at How did WITNESS build the Hub, and what were the challenges – technical, ethical, cultural – in doing so? A Q+A session with the manager of the Hub.

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Sameer Padania


Sameer Padania works at the human rights organisation WITNESS, where he runs the Hub, the first website dedicated to human rights video and action. Before joining WITNESS in New York, Sameer was the lead author on Reflecting the Real World 2, a report documenting the impact of new media on British public television’s global coverage, and he also wrote and edited WITNESS’ award-winning human rights vlog at Global Voices Online. Sameer worked for six years at the media development organization Panos London, designing and managing initiatives to support and strengthen local radio and online journalism worldwide. He has worked in film distribution and production, and as a film journalist and TV documentary researcher, and is a graduate of Oxford University.

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