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Most human urine travels untreated into the waterways and is a significant cause of eutrophication, a toxic condition caused by harmful algae blooms in the oceans — the excess nitrogen and phosphorus in our urine overfeeds algae (like Red Tide) and effectively suffocates fish. Pioneering biological waste treatment processes can extract this phosphorus and nitrogen for use as a fertilizer, leaving the rest of urine almost harmless to aquatic life. Submersible Design’s kit gives users the opportunity to replicate the new technique at home and fertilize their plants with their own pee.

DrinkPee is a project by Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley.

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Kati London


Kati London is Vice President at Area/Code, which creates cross-media games and entertainment. London designs and develops opportunities for interacting with others – whether that be for people and plants, residents of Gaza City and Tel-Aviv or gamers playing tag with tiger sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. Her collaborative projects have been featured in the Museum of Science & Industry, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Design Museum of London. She frequently speaks on digital/physical hybridization.

At Area/Code, London works with clients that include the BBC, the Carnegie Institute/Girls Math and Science Project, Disney Imagineering, the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport, Nike, Discovery Channel, CBS, MTV and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

Britta Riley

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Journalist turned technology-centered artist with a passion for environmental issues, social media, open innovation, science, and museum education.

Rebecca Bray

Submersible Design

Rebecca Bray is co-founder, with Britta Riley, of Submersible Design, an agency specializing in creating interactive content for science and art museums. She and Britta also make art pieces that are meant to provoke new kinds of engagement with environmental issues ( Rebecca teaches at NYU’s ITP program.

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