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Fortune Telling Birds, Mars Rovers, and Robots Taking Over the Whitney

Logical Expression collaborated with Uncommon Projects to help create the RFID Fortunebird installation on display at ETech. That project will be showcased along with the rock grinding tool from the Mars Exploration Rovers, a robotic installation built for Diller+Scofidio that was shown at the Whitney Museum, and others.

Photo of Paul Bartlett

Paul Bartlett

Logical Expression LLC

Paul Bartlett is a Brooklyn-based roboticist. He founded Logical Expression as a design consultancy, functioning as an open collective focused on work in art and exploration. They produce electro-mechanical systems and digital visualizations that sense, respond and move. Recent work by Logical Expression includes interactive art and marketing installations, furniture and medical product design, and NASA mechanisms and vehicle R&D. Paul worked on the Mars Exploration Rovers, the Phoenix lander, a lunar rover concept for field testing, and a robotic installation at the Whitney Museum of American Art. He has worked at Honeybee Robotics and Carnegie Mellon’s Field Robotics Center. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Cornell and an MS in robotics from Carnegie Mellon.

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