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Wireless Electricity

PowerBeam’s patented wireless electricity system uses Powmitters™ and Powceivers™ to deliver power without wires. The optical technology turns electricity into optical power. That power is then beamed across open space into a receiver. Similar to a solar cell, the receiver turns the optical power back into electricity. Whatever device is attached to the receiver is powered without any wires.

PowerBeam’s newest demo transfers 1.5 watts of wireless power over 10 meters (32 ft.) and powers such devices as wireless speakers and lighting applications. Both the power density and distance were based on specifications given to us by OEMs. Power and distance can be scaled up upon request. No one else has ever demonstrated the transfer of wireless power over this distance for consumer applications.

Chris Surdi


Wireless Power Company

  • Sun Microsystems
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • IEEE
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