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Using Web 2.0 Techniques to Build Killer Mobile Apps

Moderated by: Alex Shah
Location: Crystal Room Level: Novice

What are the elements to building successful mobile apps? This BoF session will describe Shah’s experience porting the FaceDouble Celebrity Look-alike app from Web to mobile and some of the development and marketing challenges he had to overcome. Attendees will discuss the multiple paths to both building and marketing Mobile apps and describe the pros and cons of each approach.

Topics covered:

  • Cross-platform development
  • Paid vs. free
  • Getting your product approved
  • Product promotion
  • Getting your app to go viral

Moderator: Alex Shah

Alex Shah has spent the last two years on, a facial image
search technology for social networks that allows visitors to find
people using photo search. Facedouble’s apps include Celebrity Look-
alike and FaceTwins. Prior to Facedouble, he was co-founder and VP of
R&D of Blue Titan, where he led the development of Network Director, a
tool for managing large web service deployments at companies such as
Yahoo! Overture, Pfizer, Sony, Accredited Home Lenders.

  • Sun Microsystems
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • IEEE
  • Make magazine
  • Orange Labs