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South Bay Salt Pond Restoration and Sun Labs Project Ravenswood

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The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project is the largest tidal wetland restoration project on the West Coast. When complete, the project will restore 15,100 acres of industrial salt ponds to a rich mosaic of tidal wetlands and other habitats.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Restore and enhance a mix of wetland habitats;
  • Provide wildlife-oriented public access and recreation;
  • Provide for flood management in the South Bay.

USGS Research Biologist John Y. Takekawa, Ph.D., is leading data collection and research to apply adaptive management principles in the project.

Project Ravenswood is a research project at Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Sun Labs researchers, including project manager Arshan Poursohi, are working with scientists from the USGS to collect sensor data from this salt marsh restoration effort. Dozens of sensor nodes installed in the salt ponds will communicate through several remote base stations to a powerful backend server. Goals include robust collection of data, easy configuration of sensors remotely and in-field, and toolsets to facilitate browsing data for notable events.

Photo of John Y. Takekawa

John Y. Takekawa

USGS Western Ecological Research Center

John Y. Takekawa is a research wildlife biologist with the USGS Western Ecological Research Center, San Francisco Bay Estuary Field Station in Vallejo, California. He received his BS in Wildlife Science (1979) at the University of Washington, his MS in Wildlife Resources (1982) at the University of Idaho, and his PhD in Animal Ecology (1987) at Iowa State University. His research interests include application of radio telemetry in studies of migration and wintering ecology of waterbirds and wetland restoration in the San Francisco Bay estuary. He is currently conducting international fieldwork on avian influenza and movements of wild birds.

Photo of Roger Meike

Roger Meike

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Roger Meike is Senior Director, Area 51 and Director of Operations, Sun
Microsystems Laboratories. His background is in cognitive science and
his career has lead him back and forth between new start companies
and large research organizations. While his background is mostly
in software, he also enjoys consorting with hardware folks. He has
been accused of being many things including photo enthusiast, sailor,
ham radio operator, musician and techno-geek/nerd.

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