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ETech Maker Shed

Location: California Room Level: Novice
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Come to the ETech Maker Shed in the California Room on site to buy books, DIY kits, work with tools, or just have fun!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Maker Shed will be open from 11am to 6pm. Throughout the day you can come in, buy a kit (such as the $25 Super TV-B-Gone kit), and solder it together right there. No experience is needed, either; we’ll have experts such as Mitch Altman (inventor of the TV-B-Gone and many other kits) right there in the Maker Shed to help you build your kits.

During the day, we’ll also have well-known hardware hackers in the shed for short demos or Q&A sessions.

Demo Schedule:


  • 12pm-1pm Bill Gurstelle, Make: television Q&A
  • 2-3pm Leah Buechley, LilyPad Arduino
  • 3-4pm Damien Stolarz, iPhone Hacks
  • 4-5pm Tom Igoe, Arduino
  • 5:10-6pm Derek Lomas, PlayPower


  • 11am-12pm Derek Lomas, PlayPower
  • 12pm-1pm Bill Gurstelle, Projects from Make: television
  • 2-3pm Leah Buechley, LilyPad Arduino
  • 3-4pm Damien Stolarz, iPhone Hacks
  • 5-6pm Mark Frauenfelder, MAKE

Workshop Schedule:

Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • 11am-2pm: Mitch Altman, drop in and get help assembling any electronic kit we sell
  • 2pm-3:30pm: Michael Shiloh and Judy Castro, Building the TeachMeToMake kit (DIY motorized racers)
  • 3:30pm-6pm: Mitch Altman, drop in and get help assembling any electronic kit we sell


Damien Stolarz, iPhone Hacks
Apple is understandably guarded – for business, security, and public relations reasons – about what they will allow the iPhone to do. But the urge to connect peripherals and devices to the iPhone is strong – too strong for some. In this presentation, Damien Stolarz, co-author of the new O’Reilly book iPhone Hacks, will go over the various peripheral interface options available on the iPhone.

Michael Shiloh and Judy Castro
Xippy the Robot is a simple wired remote-controlled motorized platform that can become a robot, race car, or something from your imagination. Teach Me To Make developed this kit as the foundation for a series of lessons covering electro-mechanical mechanisms, robotics, electronics, programming, and creativity. The kit is priced to be accessible to individuals and classrooms, and is designed with common, easy-to-find parts to encourage experimentation and reproduction. Michael Shiloh and Judy Castro will teach you how to build this kit, while encouraging you to ignore the instructions and to modify, hack, and otherwise make this kit into whatever you would like. Kit Price: $15

Tom Igoe, Arduino Q&A
Tom Igoe teaches courses in physical computing and networking, exploring ways to allow digital technologies to sense and respond to a wider range of human physical expression. Igoe is also a member of the Arduino team. He’ll be joining us in the Maker Shed to answer any questions you have about Arduino, technical, philosophical, or otherwise!

Leah Buechley, LilyPad Arduino
Leah Buechley is the co-inventor of the LilyPad Arduino, an Arduino board that you can sew into clothing and make your own interactive wearable creations. Buechley will demonstrate the LilyPad and will be available for Q&A about this innovative platform.

Derek Lomas, The 8-bit TV-Computer
The TV-Computer is a powerful tool for learning how to create things on a computer. It’s designed to plug into a TV, has an integrated keyboard, and includes support for the BASIC programming language as well as expansion cartridges such as the upcoming 8-bit music cartridge. We’ll have a limited number of these for sale at $49.99 each. We’ll also have an inexpensive adapter for sale that will allow you to plug 8-bit NES cartridges into the TV-Computer.

Bill Gurstelle, Make: television
Bill Gurstelle is one of the producers for Make: television, a frequent contributor to MAKE, and has written several books such as Whoosh Boom Splat and Backyard Ballistics. He’ll be joining us in the Maker Shed to talk with you about Make: television on Tuesday. On Wednesday he’ll show off some projects from Make: television.

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Picture of Suzanne Axtell
Suzanne Axtell
03/11/2009 4:25am PDT

Looking forward to modding my official ETech tshirt in the Maker Shed today!

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