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Out of China: Manufacturing the Chumby

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Location: Crystal Room Level: Novice
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China is one of the U.S.’s biggest trading partners, and is one of the premier regions for manufacturing electronic goods of all types. When startup Chumby Industries needed to migrate their U.S.-built Chumby device prototypes to production, they sent bunnie Huang to China to build the Chumby supply chain.

In this talk, Huang will give a visual tour through all of the design and manufacturing processes used to create the Chumby device.

Photo of Andrew "bunnie" Huang

Andrew "bunnie" Huang


Andrew “bunnie” Huang, VP hardware engineering and founder, is a nocturnal hacker and hardware lead; his responsibilities include the architecture, design, and production of Chumby devices, as well as the strategic planning and ecosystem development of the broader Chumby hardware platform. With a PhD in EE from MIT, he has completed several major projects, ranging from hacking the Xbox (and writing the eponymous book), to designing the world’s first fully-integrated photonic-silicon chips running at 10 Gbps with Luxtera, Inc., to building some of the first prototype hardware for silicon nanowire device research with Caltech. bunnie has also participated in the design of 802.11b/Bluetooth transceivers (with Mobilian), graphics chips (with SGI), digital cinema CODECs (with Qualcomm), and autonomous robotic submarines (with MIT ORCA/AUVSI). He is also responsible for the un-design of many security systems, with an appetite for the challenge of digesting silicon-based hardware security. bunnie is also a contributing writer for MAKE magazine and a member of their technical advisory board.

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