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Printing in 3D

An exciting 3-hour workshop led by Zach Smith featuring RepRap, the open source self-replicating 3D printer. We’ll have the extruders fired up and the thermoplastic pumping for the duration of the event. Stop by and see the future being made right in front of your eyes, literally.

In addition to non-stop demonstration of the 3D printing technology, the workshop will consist of discussions of the RepRap technology, 3D printing and digital fabrication techniques, and 3D modeling. There will even be opportunities to design and fabricate objects on the spot.

Photo of Zach Smith

Zach Smith

RepRap Research Foundation

Zach Smith likes to dream big, fail big, and win big. His true passion in life is acting as a catalyst and helping others do amazing things. Whether it is creating open source micro controllers, robot controller software, object sharing websites, or self replicating 3D printers there is one central purpose: to help other people help themselves create an awesome world to live in. He hopes that someday we can create a world that surpasses even the wildest futures portrayed in science fiction. I think the universe is and will continue to be completely rad. Do you want to help?

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