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Electricity 2.0: Applying the Lessons of the Web to Our Energy Networks

City Tech
Location: Imperial Ballroom Level: Novice
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It’s a commonplace to talk about how IT should be delivered as a utility, but what about delivering a utility the way the Web works? Utilities need to become more like the Internet: disparate, disconnected electrical grids will be joined up to give us one global electricity super-grid.

Think about a super-grid where excess energy produced by Scandinavian wind farms on windy nights could simply be sold to meet capacity shortages in the U.S. as people arrive home from work, or in Japan as they start to wake up.

If the grid was smart, publishing prices in real time, based on supply and demand fluctuations? And further, what if smart meters in homes and businesses could adjust appliances based on the real-time pricing (thermostats up/down, devices on/off, etc.) And what if, again like the Internet, the super-grid were read/write, i.e., if you could be a producer as well as a consumer?

What will electricity network hacking look like? Who is doing it? How do we get peer to peer and automate our houses to ready them for the smart grid?

In this talk we will explain how this vision will be realized, which companies and geographies are leading the charge, and what you should do to encourage the change.

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James Governor


Co-founder of RedMonk, the first open source analyst company. Work with firms like Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun, helping them to understand how the IT world is changing and how they should respond.

I live and work in London with my wife and son. I travel too much. I could live in a mud hut and only eat raw vegetables and still have the carbon footprint of a small town.

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Tom Raftery


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Picture of Stephen Howard
Stephen Howard
03/12/2009 1:05pm PDT

Great presentation from Tom. Sharp with answering the questions too.

  • Sun Microsystems
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • IEEE
  • Make magazine
  • Orange Labs