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Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard are two Gen-X professionals with strong technology backgrounds. They met via a Prius online forum in 2006 while being located across the country from each other, and joined forces to invent a lifestyle uniquely their own. For the first year, they traveled the country full time in a 16’ teardrop trailer, and now base their adventures out of their upgraded 17’ fiberglass trailer ideally suited for their technomadic lifestyle.

Their trailer is outfitted with solar panels for power and they utilize cellular data networks for their wireless broadband. This keeps their Internet-hungry laptops connected as they conduct their lives and businesses primarily online.

They travel across the country, blogging the entire way (, to attend interesting events, meet amazing people, and see incredible things. They prove that life, adventure, and rewarding work can be seamlessly merged together into an inspiring life. And they really are a living laboratory for mobile technology.

In this workshop, they’ll discuss the decision-making process to take inspiration to technomadism, selecting the right arsenal of technology, constructing your ideal mobile home, and legal issues such as domicile, voting, registration, and taxes.

Photo of Chris Dunphy

Chris Dunphy


Chris is the former Director of Competitive Analysis for Palm and PalmSource, but for the past three years has been independent and turned his life into a living laboratory for technomadic living.

Photo of Cherie Ve Ard

Cherie Ve Ard


Being a small business software entrepreneur and a heart filled with wanderlust, Cherie has always had a mobile working lifestyle in mind. It wasn’t a big leap for her to take her business on the road when the time came and completely leave behind a permanent home and office. Give her access to the internet, a little power and a laptop – and she’s all set.

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Picture of Jason DeBoer-Moran
Jason DeBoer-Moran
03/14/2009 12:29pm PDT

I really enjoyed this session. Great exploration into the possibilities of taking on a technomadia lifestyle. I especially appreciated the fact that you went over the possible excuses to not go nomadic as well as your refutation of those statements. I am bummed we couldn’t tour your home. Thanks!

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