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The Twitter Book The Twitter Book
By Tim O'Reilly, Sarah Milstein

This practical guide will teach you everything you need to know to quickly become a Twitter power user, including strategies and tactics for using Twitter's 140-character messages as a serious—and effective—way to boost your business. Co-written by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein, widely followed and highly respected Twitterers, the practical information in The Twitter Book is presented in a fun, full-color format that's packed with helpful examples and clear explanations.

The Best of Instructables Volume I The Best of Instructables Volume I

By The Editors of MAKE has become one of the most popular magnets for makers and DIY enthusiasts of all stripes. Now, with more than 10,000 projects to choose from, the Instructables staff, editors of MAKE: Magazine, and the Instructables community itself have put together a collection of technology how-to's from the site. The Best of Instructables Volume 1 includes plenty of clear, full-color photographs, complete step-by-step instructions, and tips, tricks, and new build techniques you won't find anywhere else.

Getting Started with Arduino Getting Started with Arduino

By Massimo Banzi
This valuable little book offers a thorough introduction to the open-source electronics prototyping platform that's taking the design and hobbyist world by storm. Getting Started with Arduino gives you lots of ideas for projects and helps you get going on them right away. To use the introductory examples in this book, all you need is a USB Arduino, USB A-B cable, and an LED. This 128-page book is a greatly expanded follow-up to the author's original short PDF that's available on the Arduino website.

Visualizing Data Visualizing Data

By Ben Fry
How you can take advantage of data that you might otherwise never use? With the help of the free software programming environment called Processing, this book helps you represent data accurately on the Web and elsewhere, complete with user interaction, animation, and more. You'll learn basic visualization principles, how to choose the right kind of display for your purposes, and how to provide interactive features to design entire interfaces around large, complex data sets.

Making Things Talk Making Things Talk

By Tom Igoe
Through a series of simple projects, this book teaches you how to get your creations to communicate with one another by forming networks of smart devices that carry on conversations with you and your environment. Whether you need to plug some sensors in your home to the Internet or create a device that can interact wirelessly with other creations, Making Things Talk explains exactly what you need.

Pragmatic Thinking and Learning Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

By Andy Hunt
All day long, you're thinking. There's always something new you need to learn. But do you know the best ways to think, or learn? We all know how to work with software and hardware, but what about wetware-our own brains?

In this new book by Pragmatic Programmer Andy Hunt, you'll see how to become more expert. You'll discover the real differences between novices and experts, and how to deal with both more effectively so you can keep on top of your game.

You'll learn about different brain functions such as synthesis vs. analysis, sequential processing and pattern-matching, and master new techniques for harvesting internal clues, including the one simple habit that separates the geniuses from the "wanna-bes." See how to learn more deliberately by managing your Knowledge Portfolio and explore practical learning techniques. We'll look at mind maps (and how not to use them), better reading techniques, and situational feedback. You'll also learn one proven technique that will improve your daily productivity by 20%-30%.

These aren't party tricks. This is the real stuff that will make you more creative, more insightful, and more effective at what you do.

Designing Gestural Interfaces Designing Gestural Interfaces

By Dan Saffer
If you want to get started in new era of interaction design, this is the reference you need. Packed with informative illustrations and photos, Designing Gestural Interfaces provides you with essential information about kinesiology, sensors, ergonomics, physical computing, touchscreen technology, and new interface patterns— information you need to augment your existing skills in “traditional” websites, software, or product development. This book will help you enter this new world of possibilities.

Google SketchUp Cookbook: Rough Cuts Version Google SketchUp Cookbook: Rough Cuts Version

By Bonnie Roskes
The first book available for intermediate and advanced users of Google SketchUp, this Cookbook goes well beyond the basics to explore the more complex features and tools that design professionals use. You get numerous step-by-step tutorials for solving common (and not so common) design problems, complete with detailed color graphics. This book is ideal for architects, engineers, product designers, landscapers, and other design professionals.

Programming Collective Intelligence Programming Collective Intelligence

By Toby Segaran
This fascinating book demonstrates how you can build web applications to mine the enormous amount of data created by people on the Internet. With the sophisticated algorithms in this book, you can write smart programs to access interesting datasets from other web sites, collect data from users of your own applications, and analyze and understand the data once you've found it.

Fashioning Technology Fashioning Technology

By Syuzi Pakhchyan
Ready to take your craft projects to the next level? This introductory DIY book demonstrates how to blend traditional sewing and assembly techniques with new materials and electronics to create accessories, housewares, and toys that light up, make sounds, or do even more. Author Syuzi Pakhchyan explains how to assemble simple circuits using conductive thread, solder joints for snaps, and switches for buttons. With the sewing machine as a viable substitute for the soldering iron, you can learn to craft a new generation of objects that are interactive, quirky, and fashion-conscious.

Mind Hacks Mind Hacks

Tom Stafford, Matt Webb
This exploration into the moment-by-moment works of the brain uses cognitive neuroscience to present experiments, tricks, and tips related to vision, motor skills, attention, cognition, and subliminal perception. Each hack examines specific operations of the brain. By seeing how the brain responds, you'll learn more about how the brain is put together. If you want to find out what's going on in your head, then Mind Hacks is the key.


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