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Free Space at ETech

Free Space is underway at ETech 2009! Get registered and start playing today!

In 2019, cubesats—space satellites smaller than a shoebox—have become very cheap and very popular. For $100, anyone can put a customized personal satellite into low-earth orbit. And space data transfer protocols developed by the Interstellar Internet Project provide a basic relay backbone linking low-powered cubesats with ground stations, and with each other. Space is open to anyone and everyone—for research, for business, for communications, for play.

When custom satellites are as easy to design and launch as your own website is today…

  • What will you study?
  • What will you design? What will you make?
  • How will your field change? How will daily life change? How will the world be different?

These are the questions posed as players dive deeper into Free Space the collaborative forecasting game from Signtific Lab, which will be running throughout the week at ETech, led by IFTF's (and ETech favorite) Jane McGonigal. Mathias Crawford will also be onsite.

Players contribute unique ideas for how they would utilize their personal cubesat. Points are awarded for ideas; higher points for ideas that lead to high density collaborative chains and for "outlier" ideas that are unexpected and unique.

Information about how to register will be made available on this page soon. Jane will kick the game off at ETech and give you pertinent info you'll need to participate. Updates will be given on how the game is progressing throughout the week at ETech. The best ideas could reap you cool Free Space prizes!

Watch the Free Space trailer:

  • Sun Microsystems
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • IEEE
  • Make magazine
  • Orange Labs