Schedule: Products & Services sessions

Location: Mission Hills Level: Novice
Karl Haberl (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
Online games represent the fastest growing segment of the $40B worldwide video games industry. However, online server technology has not evolved as fast as client technologies and, as a result, leave the industry in a precarious position as millions of new players discover online games and log-in to play. Read more.
Location: Mission Hills Level: Novice
Danielle Deibler (Adobe Systems)
We've been hearing for years about next generation communications and Voice 2.0. This year talk becomes a reality. In this session hear the details around a new set of web services aimed at making high quality real time voice, video and messaging a part of every experience you have on the Internet. Read more.
Location: Mission Hills Level: Novice
Mike Culver (Amazon), Jay Ridgeway (Nextumi)
A year ago the industry buzz phrase was “on demand computing”. In 2008 the buzz is reality! This session will look at the next wave of innovation: namely structured data storage without formal schemas (in effect, a lightweight attribute store), implemented as an on-demand Web service. Read more.
Location: Mission Hills Level: Novice
Alex Iskold (AdaptiveBlue)
Smart Browsing is about wiring recognition of everyday things into the browser. Once the browser detects that user interacts with books, music, movies, people, recipes, etc., it can be smart and helpful about connecting user to related information. Learn how AdaptiveBlue technologies leverage a mix of standards and common sense to enhance everyday browsing. Read more.
Location: Mission Hills Level: Novice
Roger Meike (Sun Microsystems, Inc.), Arshan Poursohi (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
A new generation of gadgets is emerging that can wirelessly communicate, sense their environment and affect the physical world around them. Learn to use open source software and hardware to create everything from gesture-based interfaces to robot swarms to a rainforest monitoring system that may just save the world. Read more.
Location: Marina Ballroom D Level: Novice
Eric Freeman (The Walt Disney Company), Jason Davis (Disney Online)
Today a user can earn points playing Spectrobes on their game console, then use them to purchase digital goods on, all while communicating with friends immersed in the Pirates MMOG or on their mobile devices. These combined experiences represent an application that is an evolution from simple RIAs into a full-blown Rich Internet Experience (RIE) Read more.
Location: Mission Hills Level: Novice
Trevor Baca (Jaduka)
Trevor Baca of Jaduka draws on mash-up analysis, behavior studies, and sociolinguistics to look at those times where voice can pull us in … and push us away. Baca considers the application effectiveness of notifications (both text and voice), voice search, text-to-speech, on-demand conferencing, and plain old DTMF in the automation and optimization of processes in different industries. Read more.

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