ETech 2008 Tutorials

Location: Marina Ballroom D Level: Novice
Kathy Sierra (SeriousPony)
Can a PowerPoint business presentation be riveting? Can a tech manual be a page-turner? In this workshop, you'll map your presentation, nonfiction book, or even a user guide into a compelling three-act story template. Read more.
Location: Marina Ballroom E Level: Novice
Nate True (Nate True)
Join us as we go through the history of iPhone hacking, and teach you how to create your first iPhone application. Read more.
Location: Marina Ballroom F Level: Novice
Tom Carden (Bloom), Eric Rodenbeck (Stamen Design)
Information visualization is moving out of the research lab and into our everyday lives. This workshop will share Stamen's approach to visualization, outlining the process of taking real data from an online API and shaping it into an informative, beautiful, and useful interactive graphic presentation. Read more.
Location: Marina Ballroom D Level: Intermediate
Marc Hedlund (Etsy)
If you're working on anything at all interesting, sooner or later you'll hit a bug that will drive you mad trying to fix it. This workshop will give you a set of tools and practices for finding, reproducing, fixing, and not regressing bugs that "println" won't pinpoint. Read more.
Location: Marina Ballroom E Level: Novice
Marc Powell (Food Hacking)
Real, live Hacker Chefs present interactive food hacking demonstrations. Topics will range from food science lore to open source recipe development and food hacking software. Read more.
Location: Mission Hills Level: Intermediate
Brian Jepson (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Tom Igoe (Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU)
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make physical things talk using microcontrollers and networks in a hands-on project using an Arduino microcontroller, a variety of components, and a copy of Igoe’s book, Making Things Talk. Limited seating. Read more.

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