Ride the Fire Eagle: Open Location for All

Location: Marina Ballroom D Level: Novice

What would the world be like if everything on the network responded to your location? Social sites could become friend-finders, mobile devices could tell you about your environment, your home could respond to your proximity or absence. Fire Eagle is a new open geo platform designed to make this a reality.

In this session, Tom will talk about some of the problems that have stopped location-sensitive services going mainstream, location brokerage as a new architectural layer to bind together geo-services, and how Fire Eagle gives users unprecedented control over their data and privacy.

Photo of Tom Coates

Tom Coates

Thington Inc.

Tom Coates works for Yahoo! Brickhouse where he develops new concepts in social software, future media and the web of data. His latest project is Fire Eagle – a location brokerage system designed to make it possible for every network-enabled object in the world to respond to your location.

He’s worked for many of the UK’s most prominent web companies including Time Out, UpMyStreet and the BBC where he ran a small near-term R&D team exploring media navigation, annotation and distribution.

A regular speaker at conferences, Tom also writes extensively at plasticbag.org as well as running the experimental online community barbelith.com.


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