CouchDB from 10,000 ft

Location: Marina Ballroom F Level: Intermediate

This presentation takes a look at CouchDB from 10,000 ft. We try to not to lose you in technical details and paint the big picture that you need to understand CouchDB’s strengths and weaknesses.

CouchDB is a document oriented database. It does not adhere to the relational principles of traditional databases. You will learn what that means for your application design.

CouchDB’s replication support solves the problems of high-traffic web sites,
distributed peer-to-peer, and offline applications all at the same time. We show you what kind of applications you are able to build with it.

However, CouchDB is no Silver Bullet and there are plenty of cases where it is a poor fit. You will learn to decide when it is a good fit for your project and when you are better off with a traditional database.

Damien Katz

IBM - CouchDB

I am the creator of CouchDB. I’ve been in the software industry since ‘95 and I’m obsessed with data management, sharing, and collaboration. I’ve worked as an engineer on Lotus Notes and Domino, MySQL and now I work full time for IBM on CouchDB.

My blog is

Photo of Jan Lehnardt

Jan Lehnardt


Jan Lehnardt is an Open Source software consultant spcialized on internet technologies. He has years of experience with building small- and big-scale database backed applications. He has a keen eye for user experience and typography. He co-founded Freisatz, a company bringing typographic bliss to everyone and he contributes to several Open Source projects.


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