Project Darkstar: Next Generation, Online Video Game Technology

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Online games represent the fastest growing segment of the $40B worldwide video games industry. However, online server technology has not evolved as fast as client technologies and, as a result, leave the industry in a precarious position as millions of new players discover online games and log-in to play. Project Darkstar is an open source, enterprise-grade, fault tolerant server platform designed to meet this growth head on. Come hear how Project Darkstar radically changes the potential of next generation online games.

Karl Haberl

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Karl Haberl is a Research Director at Sun Labs. Since joining Sun in 2003, Karl has directed a number of important projects and research activities, including Internet Security, Policy Languages, Speech Technologies, Darkstar, and a lot more. Karl came to Sun from BBN Technologies, where he spent 17 years working on all kinds of technologies.


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