When Applications Work Better with Voice…And When They Don’t

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Trevor Baca of Jaduka draws on mash-up analysis, behavior studies, and sociolinguistics to look at those times where voice can pull us in … and push us away. Baca considers the application effectiveness of notifications (both text and voice), voice search, text-to-speech, on-demand conferencing, and plain old DTMF in the automation and optimization of processes in different industries.

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Trevor Baca


Trevor Baca is VP of Software Engineering at Jaduka, where he leads realtime systems engineering and telephony services development. Baca has ten years’ experience in telephony and software development and has held senior leadersip roles in Software Development, Systems Engineering, and Human-Computer Interaction. Earlier in his career Baca worked at Simplified Development Corporation as Director of Systems Engineering and oversaw the development of Simplified Ventana, one of the first telephony provisioning systems developed through extensive user-experience engineering. Baca holds patents US 6,292,554 in switching and protocol integration and US 6,914,967 in realtime QoS analysis and corrections.


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