Las Vegas: Behind the Scenes. What Sensors? What Privacy? What Anonymity? The Whole Story

Location: Marina Ballroom E Level: Novice

Opportunists consider Las Vegas an excellent target—not only because of the vast amounts of cash that changes hands, but also the ability to get lost in the 40 million people who visit annually. There are single scams that can cost a casino $250,000 in 15 minutes. Other activities, such as unknowingly transacting with an “excluded person,” can cost an organization its gaming license. The gaming industry has evolved its policies, processes, and systems to respond to these threats. These defensive moves have greatly collapsed the window of time between detection and preemption.

Jeff Jonas, a Las Vegas resident who has architected and built numerous casino systems, will take you behind the scenes in Vegas and describe scams and “trip-wires” that now make it possible to detect the unwanted—in some cases even before the opportunist arrives at the casino.

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Jeff Jonas


Jeff Jonas is chief scientist of the Entity Analytic Solutions group and an IBM Distinguished Engineer. In these capacities, he is responsible for shaping the overall technical strategy of next generation identity analytics and the use of this new capability in the overall IBM technology strategy.
The IBM Entity Analytic Solutions group was formed based on technologies developed by Mr. Jonas as the founder and chief scientist of Systems Research & Development (SRD). SRD was acquired by IBM in January 2005.

Today, Mr. Jonas applies his real world and hands on experience in software design and development to drive technology innovations while delivering higher levels of privacy and civil liberties protections. By way of example, the most recent breakthrough developed by Mr. Jonas involves an innovative technique enabling advanced data correlation while only using irreversible cryptographic hashes. This new capability makes it possible for organizations to discover records of common interest (e.g., identities) without the transfer of any privacy invading content. This privacy-enhancing technology known as anonymous entity resolution delivers extraordinary new levels of privacy protection while enabling technology to contribute to critical societal interests like clinical health care research, aviation safety, homeland security, fraud detection and identity theft.

Jeff Jonas’s innovations have received coverage in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fortune, and Computerworld and have been featured on ABC Primetime with Peter Jennings, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel and MSNBC. Known for his dynamic presentational style, he is a popular speaker on technology, security and privacy and has spoken at events such as the Federal Convention on Emerging Technologies Forum on Homeland Security, National Security Agency’s INFOSEC Seminar Series, American Society for Industrial Security, Black Hat, PC Forum, Wharton Technology Conference, National Retail Federation Annual Fraud Conference and Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference.

Mr. Jonas is a member of the Markle Foundation Task Force on National Security in the Information Age and actively contributes his insights on privacy, technology and homeland security to leading national think tanks, privacy advocacy groups, and policy research organizations, including the Center for Democracy and Technology, Heritage Foundation and the Office of the Secretary of Defense Highlands Forum.

Jeff Jonas blogs at:


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