Futuretainment: The Asian Media Revolution

Location: Marina Ballroom D Level: Intermediate

Welcome to the Revolution. But, please. Don’t be too alarmed if you haven’t noticed.

After all, we are so used to technology improving around us, that sometimes the decisive moment between “more” and “different” can slip by without a second glance.

It’s like being too close to a TV screen. Thousands of small changes happening all at once. It doesn’t make much sense until you step back, sit down, and take another look.

Try it now.

Subway commuters watching TV on tiny handsets in South Korea, Chinese teenagers addicted to gaming in virtual worlds, bestselling Japanese novels composed entirely on mobile phones, and Canto pop stars whose wealth fluctuates with fickle tastes in ringtones.

Digital distribution has taken all the familiar forms of entertainment—music, movies, television, and games—and turned them into plasticine for consumers to play with.

And that’s exactly what they are doing.

This talk is about what happens next.

Photo of Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh


Mike Walsh is the Managing Director of Tomorrow, a Hong Kong based innovation think tank that guides some of the world’s leading brands and corporations.

Mike previously worked in strategy for News Corporation in both the Australian and Asian markets, and prior to that ran Jupiter Research in Australia during the nineties.

Mike is the author of Futuretainment, an illustrated guide to how the media industry is being revolutionized. Designed by renown graphic artist Vince Frost, Futuretainment is being distributed internationally by Phaidon Press.

Mike also writes a regular newsletter on new media called ‘The Fourth Estate’


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