Brain Imaging for Fun and Profit

Location: Marina Ballroom E Level: Novice

Brain imaging is a powerful tool for understanding the brain and is now entering diverse markets including economics, politics, and law.

In this session we’ll consider temporal and spatial scale, structure and function, key concepts, tools of the trade, and everything else you need to get started as a brain imager. Except a brain scanner. Those are a bit harder to come by, but we’ll talk about a number of places to get existing brain imaging data that’s ripe for mining and discovery.

Photo of Daniel Marcus

Daniel Marcus

Washington University School of Medicine

Daniel Marcus directs the Neuroinformatics Research Group at Washington University School of Medicine. He architected the XNAT platform for running brain imaging data centers. As a vocal activist for open access data, he has helped make thousands of brain scans freely available to researchers across the world. Dr. Marcus is also president of NRG Technologies, a commercial neuroimaging services enterprise.


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