AMEE: The World's Energy Meter

Location: Marina Ballroom D Level: Novice

If all the energy data in the world were accessible, what would you build?

The Climate Change agenda has created an imperative to measure the energy profile of everything. As trillions of dollars flow into re-inventing how we consume, we have a unique opportunity to start with open data and open systems. AMEE is an open aggregation platform for energy and CO2 data, algorithms, and transactions. We aim to dramatically accelerate change, because we need to.

AMEE is a neutral aggregator of reliable carbon data, for use by commercial and noncommercial groups. Active users include the UK Government, Google, Morgan Stanley, and The Royal Society for the Arts.

Developer API keys are available, and we’ll be showing some of the applications.

Photo of Gavin Starks

Gavin Starks

Open Data Institute

Gavin has been combining Business, Technology, Science and Media for more than a decade.

As the 5th employee at Richard Branson’s "Virgin Net” he helped shape parts of the UK internet and the streaming media industry – co-founding the International Webcasting Association in Europe. In 1999 he created the award-winning cross-media company, Tornado Productions, and sold it to a larger media group in 2003.

Having led projects with clients as diverse as; UK Government, Google, BBC, Rolls Royce, Tate Modern, EMI, Shell and Christian Aid, he has broad and deep knowledge of how worlds collide.

Gavin is Founding Director of d::gen and AMEE, Managing Director of CI and non-exec Director of DRDC. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts, contributes to Nesta/PAL workshops, the AmbientTV collective and Acoustic Space Lab in Latvia – exploring links between technology, science and the arts.

He holds a BSc in Astronomy – working in Radio Astrophysics at the Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory; and a Master’s in Computer-Music – he created and lectured new IEEE courses in Electronics and Music at Glasgow University.


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