Hackers Built My Motorcycle

Location: Marina Ballroom E Level: Intermediate

The process of innovation begins with discovery. Hackers are constantly disassembling the world around them, breaking everything into little pieces to see what can be made of the rubble. Pablos Holman will show all kinds of delightful and surprising things that hackers are capable of.

Photo of Pablos Holman

Pablos Holman

Turing AI

Pablos is a futurist, computer security expert, and a notorious hacker with a unique view into both breaking and building new technologies.

At Komposite, he consults on bizarre invention and design projects that assimilate new technologies. Previously, Pablos created thigh holsters for cell phones at Tsaya; helped build the world’s smallest PC at OQO; spaceships at Blue Origin; and AI agent systems at Xigo. He is a member of The Shmoo Group of information security professionals, and helped create the Hackerbot, a WiFi-seeking robot.


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