I Sing the Body Electric: How Our Bodies Are Changing Society, and Vice Versa

Location: Marina Ballroom E Level: Novice

How is the meaning of “human” evolving?

Building on last year’s Body Hacking talk, Quinn Norton looks at new subjects, new hacks, and new implications. It’s an exciting time. The juggernauts like the FDA and the justice system are beginning to sit up and take note. A new classism is emerging. And ultimately, it’s looking more like our grandchildren might not look human to us.

A lot is changing, and at a dizzying pace.

  • Neurology is messing about with justice, and some universities are beginning to define a new field of Neurolaw.
  • Consumer and open source versions of advanced medical equipment are hitting the market.
  • fMRI isn’t all its cracked up to be, but drug discovery might be.
  • Direct to consumer genetic testing is becoming a going concern, but is it a scam or a new hope?
  • People have discovered more sense extension and ways to backdoor the brain.
  • Lay people are managing their medical data in novel ways, and underground communities are taking care of in unexpected and effective means.

Norton looks at these issues, what’s around the corner, and throws in a little Walt Whitman for good measure.

Photo of Quinn Norton

Quinn Norton


Quinn Norton is a San Francisco-based journalist and photographer. Her work has appeared in Wired News, O’Reilly Network, the Irish Times, the UK Guardian, Make Magazine, and more. Her interest in body hacking and functional body modification began in 2005, with an implanted magnet that gave her a sixth sense for EM fields. The magnet is long gone, but the interest is stronger than ever. Quinn is liable to have done some new strange thing to herself by the time ETech rolls around.


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