The PC-free Internet: Ambient Computing

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What happens when content leaves the screen, and is embedded in dozens of everyday objects and materials that surround us? The founder of Ambient Devices will present a story of creating tangible internet objects for consumer electronics, health and wellness, public transportation, and energy consumption. It’s a story about a new vision for how to think about the Internet, information, and interface design and it has some surprising twists. For example:

  • The ambient user-experience is encalming. People prefer getting information through simple dedicated displays rather than all-in-one convergence devices. When information is presented in a glanceable, ambient form we don’t feel overwhelmed and over-saturated—even if we own dozens of connected devices.
  • Pervasive is persuasive: When we encounter actionable information at decision-making moments we change our behavior in predictable and measurable ways. The impact of these behavioral feedback loops can be profound in health, energy, and other fields.
  • Ambient technology disrupts business models in non-predictable ways across industries. Content companies and product companies are adopting and adapting to ubiquitous computing. Each can take advantage of low-cost, pervasive wireless in specific ways to create innovative products, valuable services, and loyal customers.
Photo of David Rose

David Rose

Ditto | MIT Media Lab

David Rose is a technology visionary that designs devices that take Internet information beyond the browser and embed it into everyday objects. He is also a seasoned, sought-out speaker for technology, academic, design and corporate conferences, including TED12, AIGA Experience Design Summit, TEDMED, Designing Interactive Systems, MIT Media Lab Things That Think Conference, Keynote speaker, Babson College Entrepreneurial Conference, Vanguard Confer-ence and the American Tele-medicine Association. He has spoken extensively at colleges and universities nationwide, including MIT, Duke, Harvard (School of Education and Business School), Babson, Tufts and the Mass College of Art & Design. David has also delivered corpo-rate talks including IBM, Whirlpool, Sony Electronics, Fidelity, Steelcase and Nokia.
David is currently the co-founder and CEO of Ambient Devices, a Company that develops con-sumer products and wireless technology that provide effortless access to information, such as real-time weather forecasts, stock market activity and sports scores, without a PC or Internet connection. Ambient’s products fundamentally change the way that people use Internet infor-mation. Previously, Rose founded Viant’s Innovation Center, an advanced technology group for Fortune 500s including Sony, GM, Schwab, Sprint, Compaq and Fleet. He helped build Viant to over 900 people, $140M in revenues and a successful IPO (NASDAQ:VIAN). In 1997 Rose pat-ented online photo sharing and founded Opholio (acquired by FlashPoint Technology). Before the Internet, he founded and was President of Interactive Factory (acquired by RDW Group) which creates museum exhibits, educational software and smart toys, including the award-winning LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Invention System.

Rose teaches Information Visualization at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and has also taught at Yale University and Marlboro College. He received his BA in Physics from St. Olaf College, studied Interactive Cinema at the MIT Media Lab, and earned a Masters Degree from Harvard University.


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