November 12–13, 2015  •  San Francisco, CA
Adam Cheyer

Adam Cheyer
Vice President, R&D, Samsung

Website | @acheyer

Quotes from Adam

We originally talked to computers in their language exclusively. Increasingly, we talk to them in ours.

Soon, developers will create new programs in collaboration with an artificial intelligence that does much of the heavy lifting. This shift represents the biggest leap forward in productivity and scalability yet.

The way humans program machines is changing too. Humans are no longer the only ones writing code.

Solving is the focus of the next interface battlefield which will be fought across web, mobile, and a wide internet of things.

We are seeing a fundamental shift in the way in which computers are programmed in the first place.

As new capabilities are built and integrated by developers, a relatively small, finite pool of function can explode into a huge, practically limitless number of possibilities.

We are about to witness the greatest leap in productivity in building and deploying software that we have ever seen.


Adam is co-founder and VP of Engineering at Viv. Previously he was co-founder and VP of Engineering at Siri. He’s also served as Program Director in SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center, and Chief Architect of the CALO/PAL project.

A pioneer in the areas of distributed computing, intelligent agents, and advanced user interfaces, Adam is the author of more than fifty peer-reviewed publications and nine patents. He also is currently a co-founder and advisor to both Sentient Technologies and

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