November 12–13, 2015  •  San Francisco, CA
Saul Griffith

Saul Griffith
CEO, Other Lab

Quotes from Saul

Controls and computation are finally impacting the physical world and what we can do with it. Look for opportunities where control systems are a substitute for cost or for weight.

There’s no margin left in any old businesses which forces us to try new technology. Can we keep being this economically efficient without destroying R&D?

The national and international R&D landscape has fundamentally changed. Talent wants to be where the cool projects are, not where the national labs or universities are. Who is going to fund what kind of research in the future?


Saul Griffith is known as an inventor, but was trained as an engineer. He received his PhD at MIT in the junction between materials science and information theory. Prior to MIT Saul studied in Sydney, Australia and at UC Berkeley in metallurgical engineering and mechanical engineering. Since graduating in 2004 Saul has used his training and skills to start numerous technology companies based in the bay area. These include Makani Power, Instructables, Squid Labs, and currently Otherlab and its group of spin out companies. A large focus of Saul’s research efforts are in minimum and constrainedenergy surfaces for novel manufacturing techniques and other applications. He has dozens of patents in fields from aerospace to nanotechnology and enjoys being broadly trained as well as narrowly focused. Saul has been awarded numerous awards for invention and engineering including being named a MacArthur Fellow in 2007. He co-authors children’s comic books called “HowToons” about building your own science and engineering gadgets with Nick Dragotta and Joost Bonsen. Privately Saul is a father of two, and a consistent champion of STEAM education (including the A for ART!). Hobbies include vintage car restoration and inventing increasingly dangerous new sports.

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