November 12–13, 2015  •  San Francisco, CA
Dan Teran

Dan Teran
co-founder, Managed by Q

Website | @dpteran

Despite all the excitement about the power of on-demand labor networks to create opportunity for individuals acting as independent contractors, Dan Teran thinks that technology makes it possible to give one of the key benefits that on-demand workers experience—the freedom to set their own schedule—while also preserving the benefits of traditional employment. This is a conversation worth having.

— Tim O’Reilly

Quotes from Dan

The best of both worlds:

A new breed of companies are applying the best of both worlds—flexible scheduling through powerful technology, and the benefits of proper employment. This is the model we pursue at Managed by Q, and it has been successfully applied by companies like Zirtual, Makespace, FlyCleaners, Gett, Alfred Club and others. While many of these companies are fairly early stage, I’m optimistic.

On making sure everyone understands the service:

Hang around our offices long enough and you’ll hear someone say ‘cleaning is a spiritual act.’ You’ll try to figure out if they’re kidding, but you will likely give up. If you press them hard enough they might admit that they were mopping floors until 4am and they are running on fumes. You may ask yourself why a senior business executive or a highly sought after software engineer was out cleaning offices.

At Managed by Q, everybody cleans.…

By keeping ourselves always close to the beating heart of our business, we make decisions that make the company better. Innovation is often driven by interactions that happen when we clean. To name a few, we’ve developed lighter summer uniforms, built more empathetic scheduling by understanding where Operators live and what they are good at, and developed scripts to turn our deep cleans into more of an engaging team sport than a chore.

On servant leadership:

At Q, we practice servant leadership, where the leader exists for the benefit of the company, and not vice versa.


Dan Teran is the CEO and co-founder of Managed by Q, making it easy to run an office with smart technology and connected services. Founded in 2014, Q now powers office operations for hundreds of companies in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Q is setting a new standard of meaningful employment in the on-demand economy by providing hundreds of cleaners, handymen, assistants, and helpers with full health and retirement benefits.

Prior to co-founding Q, Dan was a Partner at prehype, an NYC based venture development firm that works with Fortune 500 companies and world class entrepreneurs to solve hard problems. Before moving to NYC, Dan worked in community organizing and local government in Baltimore.

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