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Scaling Elasticsearch

Jason Yee @gitbisect |

Last month, I wrote that DevOps is the struggle to bring harmony to diverse human systems and human-designed technical systems. Recently, I had an insightful conversation with Radu Gheorghe (@radu0gheorghe) and Rafał Kuć (@kucrafal) about scaling log systems that underscored this challenge of diverse systems.

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Grow as a team, together!

Rachelle Entwisle

We continually hear that Velocity is a great place to learn together as a team across performance, web development, and operations.

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DevOps starts with diversity

Jason Yee @gitbisect |

I often hear people say, "DevOps is about culture, not tools" before immediately launching into how everyone in their organization uses Slack (tool) or how everyone is "empowered" to make changes via github pull request (tool) or how the ops team created a push-button solution that allows the devs to spin up new Docker containers (tool).

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Velocity New York registration is open

Jason Yee @gitbisect |

We're not the type to rest on our laurels. So after a few rounds of high-fives and celebratory drinks following the Velocity conference in Santa Clara, we started work on Velocity New York and we're pleased to announce that registration is now open.

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