Build resilient systems at scale
October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Velocity 2015 in New York is a wrap

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Radu Gheorghe commented on From zero to production hero: Log analysis with Elasticsearch
Hi Michael, Sure, you can find the slides and, more importantly, all the configs and code samples on Sematext’s blog Any questions or feedback are welcome, of course :)

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Michael Rivera commented on From zero to production hero: Log analysis with Elasticsearch
Can you provide the location of where your powerpoint was? I would like to review it. Thanks

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Lara Hogan commented on Optimizing images and type on the Web
Uploaded! :)

Conference Video Compilation

Tutorials, sessions, and keynotes were recorded and the video compilation is now available for purchase.

Featured Speakers

Build resilient systems at scale

When it comes to making new connections and keeping your skills current, there's no place like Velocity. Topics include:

  • Continuous delivery & deployment
  • Continuous integration & testing
  • Amplified feedback loops
  • Automated incident management
  • End-to-end optimization
  • DevOps in the enterprise
  • Tools: Ansible, Chef, CoreOS, Docker, Go, Puppet, Rocket
  • Container based virtualization
  • Microservice architectures
  • Configuration Management
  • Web & mobile performance
  • User & customer experience
  • Application delivery & monitoring
  • Infrastructure as code
  • IT automation
  • Software defined networking

Highlights for 2015

  • Software operations in finance: An immersive learning experience for web and finance technical practitioners to gain practical advice for building and managing complex, resilient systems
  • Training courses: Effective DevOps, container management with Docker and Kubernetes, and awesome postmortems. Each training is limited to only 30 attendees to maintain a high level of hands-on learning and instructor interaction.
  • 3 days (and evenings) of events that continuously deliver great networking opportunities, from Ignite and parties around Manhattan to Office Hours with speakers.

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