Build resilient systems at scale
28–30 October 2015 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

responsive design sessions

13:45–14:25 Friday, 30/10/2015
Steve Workman (Yell)
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In a world where responsive web design is common, how can the old guard keep pace? Is there still room for adaptive web design in the increasingly responsive web, and can it perform better for your users and your organisation? Steve explores how Yell takes an adaptive approach to keep performance high.
14:40–15:20 Friday, 30/10/2015
Adam Onishi (Financial Times)
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Is our fascination with new tools breaking the inherent robustness of the web? Or, can these new tools help progressive enhancement mean something more? My aim is to take a look at the current state of the web, at whether progressive enhancement is still plausible. I also look at how this effects the way we approach the basics of the web, like performance and accessibility.
14:40–15:20 Thursday, 29/10/2015
Simon Hearne (NCC Group)
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Web performance is a complex topic, and in our attempts to understand it we’re collecting more and more data. How can we distil this data to make it concise and meaningful in a business context? Simon will explore a number of visualisations beyond waterfall charts, weighing the pros and cons of each, to help you decide what is useful for your business.