Build resilient systems at scale
28–30 October 2015 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

mobile sessions

13:45–14:25 Friday, 30/10/2015
Steve Workman (Yell)
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In a world where responsive web design is common, how can the old guard keep pace? Is there still room for adaptive web design in the increasingly responsive web, and can it perform better for your users and your organisation? Steve explores how Yell takes an adaptive approach to keep performance high.
16:10–16:50 Friday, 30/10/2015
Doug Sillars (AT&T)
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In the rush to market, even the best ideas can be implemented poorly. Poorly performing apps lead to unhappy customers, bad reviews, and app uninstalls. In this talk, we’ll look at examples of innovative app ideas that were implemented without thought to performance, or the impact to customers, and we’ll look at ways to prevent such mistakes in the future.
13:45–14:25 Thursday, 29/10/2015
Jakub Pawlowicz (Independent Consultant)
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Clean-css is one of the most popular node.js tools these days. We'll take a closer look at how it works and different optimization angles it provides to optimize CSS content. We will also cover how emerging web technologies, HTTP/2 and Service Workers, will affect CSS optimizations techniques in a long run.
11:50–12:30 Friday, 30/10/2015
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In the mobile world continuous delivery is rare. A lot has to do with the emerging/changing mobile toolset. In this presentation I want to give: - An overview of the current available toolset to automate almost everything in the delivery process - How to get valuable feedback from production back to the developers - How this relates to DevOps and a better feedback cycle