Build resilient systems at scale
May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

edge computing conference sessions

1:45pm–2:25pm Thursday, 05/28/2015
Ritesh Maheshwari (LinkedIn)
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In this talk, we describe how LinkedIn used RUM (real user monitoring), beyond its monitoring use-case, to improve content download times of the LinkedIn site by up to 25%. We describe the techniques used by LinkedIn to drive many optimizations using RUM; and show how they can be used by others to solve similar problems.
9:00am–10:30am Wednesday, 05/27/2015
Patrick Meenan (Cloudflare)
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Service workers provide a fully programmable in-browser proxy which presents a fairly open slate for doing all kinds of things. Here we will explore practical applications (with real examples) for preventing third-party SPOFs, improving performance, and getting more control over your user's experience interacting with your site. All with effectively no changes to the pages themselves.