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May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

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Mohammed Aboul-Magd
Mohammed Aboul-Magd (Akamai Technologies), @mohammedam

Mohammed Aboul-Magd is senior product manager for Akamai’s Web Experience business unit. Prior to Akamai, Mohammed held engineering and product management leadership roles at Signiant and IBM. He was formerly the director of communications... Read More.

Salil Ahuja

Salil Ahuja is a senior product manager at IBM Watson. He is responsible for developer-centric marketing, adoption, and strategy at the Watson Developer Cloud. He is focused on commercializing cognitive technology and transforming the... Read More.

John Allspaw
John Allspaw (Adaptive Capacity Labs), @allspaw
Burnout in tech Session

John Allspaw has worked in software systems engineering and operations for twenty years in many different environments: biotech, government, online media, social networking, and e-commerce. He started out tuning parallel clusters running vehicle crash simulations... Read More.

Kurt Andersen
Kurt Andersen (LinkedIn), @drkurta


In addition to being co-founder at cloud-security company Threat Stack, Jen has worked in R&D at catch-the-bad-guys company Mandiant and as a security analyst and software engineer at Symantec. Jen loves security, open source, automation,... Read More.

Mike Arpaia

Mike Arpaia is a software engineer on the security team at Facebook where he builds software to detect, prevent and respond to compromise. Before Facebook, Mike was a senior software engineer on the security team... Read More.

Astrid Atkinson

Astrid has built infrastructure and managed a variety of engineering teams during her 10+ years at Google, as well as spending 5+ years on call for She led the team responsible for running and... Read More.

Adam Auerbach
Adam Auerbach (Capital One), @bugman31

Adam Auerbach is the technology director for Advanced Testing and Release Services for Capital One Financial Corporation, a diversified bank with 65-million customer accounts worldwide and more than 900 branch locations. Adam is responsible for... Read More.

Serdar Badem

Serdar is the Chief Functional Architect for the Cloud Service Automation (CSA) and HP Application Release products. Serdar has an expertise in building interactive user experiences, mobile applications and strategic planning for technology businesses.... Read More.

Douglas Barth

Doug Barth is a software generalist who has currently found himself doing operations work at PagerDuty. Prior to joining PagerDuty, he worked for Signal in Chicago and Orbitz, an online travel company.... Read More.

Ryan Baxter

Exploring new languages, frameworks, and technologies and sharing what he learns has always come naturally to Ryan, so being a developer advocate at IBM has been a perfect fit for him. Even when it... Read More.

Laura Bell
Laura Bell (SafeStack), @lady_nerd
Burnout in tech Session

With over a decade of experience in software development and information security, Laura Bell specializes in bringing security survival skills, practices, and culture into fast-paced organizations of every shape and size. An experienced conference speaker,... Read More.

Colin Bendell

Colin Bendell
Director, CTO Office

Colin is a multi-disciplined expert in software development, infrastructure and operations, and business strategy. With over 15 years experience, he has led the design of large-scale... Read More.

Peter Blum
Peter Blum (Instart Logic), @PeterAlanBlum

Peter is responsible for product management at Instart Logic. Previously, Peter was with Citrix, where he was senior director of product management and marketing for the XenClient product. Earlier, at XenSource, he held a variety... Read More.

Ralph Bodenner
Ralph Bodenner (New Relic), @ralphbod

For more than 15 years, Ralph Bodenner has shipped customer-focused software, starting at, and then building developer tools at two reconfigurable hardware startups. Since his arrival at New Relic in 2009, he’s been dedicated... Read More.

Matthew Brender

Matt Brender is the developer advocacy lead at Basho Technologies. Matt and the team focus on the passionate community surrounding Riak, creating tools, apps, and documentation for members of the community to gain familiarity with... Read More.

Buddy Brewer

Buddy leads strategic initiatives for SOASTA mPulse, a real user measurement tool that tells you how long people are waiting on your site and how it is impacting their behavior. Prior to SOASTA... Read More.

Gopal Brugalette
Gopal Brugalette (Nordstrom)

Nuclear physicist, performance engineer, woodworker, farmer, philosopher.

Michael Brunton-Spall
Michael Brunton-Spall (Bruntonspall Ltd), @bruntonspall

Michael Brunton-Spall is technical architect at the Government Digital Service. He travels the country helping government agencies and services embrace the digital now.

Previously Michael worked at the Guardian for six years, helping to build... Read More.

Laine Campbell

Laine Campbell is AVP of Pythian’s open-source database practice, former CEO and co-founder of Blackbird, and a founder of PalominoDB. Laine has been an Oracle, MySQL and Cassandra DBA architect and designer... Read More.

Eddie Canales

Eddie Canales has been a software engineer at for 10 years. Recently he has focused on front-end web development using Node, Angular, and Bootstrap. Eddie is a web speed enthusiast, so his goal in... Read More.

JP CASTRO (Sony), @jphpsf

JP Castro (@jphpsf) is a front end engineer living in San Francisco. He currently works at Sony where he contributed to the PlayStation 4 user interface. Passionate about web performance, he writes on Read More.

Arup Chakrabarti

Arup Chakrabarti has managed and built operations at Amazon and Netflix. He currently helps improve availability and reliability for his many customers as the operations engineering team lead at PagerDuty.

Colin Charles
Colin Charles (Percona), @bytebot

Colin Charles works on MariaDB at MariaDB Corporation. He has been the chief evangelist for MariaDB since 2009, with work ranging from speaking engagements to consultancy and engineering work around MariaDB. He lives in Kuala... Read More.

Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is a professional software engineer specializing in systems and application development at Limelight Networks, helping deliver web and video content (that you might be viewing right now) through one of the world’s largest... Read More.

Ross Clanton is an accomplished leader with over 16 years of IT experience in the retail industry. Ross is a DevOps enthusiast whose mission is to drive LEAN principles and extensive automation across technology... Read More.

Dave Cliffe

Dave (@Cliffehangers) is part of the product team at PagerDuty, which is responsible for making the lives of Dev and Ops engineers everywhere a calmer, sanity-filled reality. Outside of PagerDuty, Dave tries mightily to sleep,... Read More.

Jon Correll
Jon Correll (Conversion Voodoo / VoodooAlerts / Maxly), @ConversionTips

Jon Correll is the co-founder and CEO of Conversion Voodoo, where he had the opportunity to work with companies like Experian, Intuit, and more. In March of 2014, Jon decided to bring to... Read More.

Jason Cox
Jason Cox (The Walt Disney Company), @jasonacox

Jason Cox is a Director of Systems Engineering at The Walt Disney Company. He majored in CS and EE at the University of Tulsa and later worked in Civil Engineering, helping transition from manual drafting... Read More.

Cliff Crocker

Cliff Crocker is VP of product for SOASTA, Inc. where he focuses on performance monitoring of web and mobile applications. Prior to joining SOASTA, Cliff led the performance, reliability and site analytics initiatives... Read More.

Jennelle Crothers
Jennelle Crothers (Microsoft), @jkc137

Before joining Microsoft, Jennelle Crothers spent 15 years as a systems administrator “jack of all trades” overseeing Windows domains, Exchange Server, desktops, and other IT infrastructure systems, where she struck fear into the hearts of... Read More.

Kyle Daigle
Kyle Daigle (GitHub), @kdaigle

Kyle Daigle is a software engineer on GitHub’s platform team focusing on integrations and webhooks. You can follow him on Twitter and GitHub at @kdaigle.

Ryn Daniels
Ryn Daniels (HashiCorp), @rynchantress
Burnout in tech Session

Katherine is an operations engineer at Etsy. She got her start in programming with TI-80 calculators back when Geocities was still cool, and these days has opinions on things like ‘the cloud’ and ‘DevOps’. Before... Read More.

Mehdi Daoudi
Mehdi Daoudi (Catchpoint), @mdaoudi

Mehdi is the founder and CEO of Catchpoint, the fastest-growing web performance monitoring solution. The Catchpoint vision is to provide the best IT analytics and intelligence to help companies improve their end-user performance and... Read More.

Andy Davies
Andy Davies (NCC Group), @andydavies

Andy is associate director for web performance at NCC Group, working with clients to measure and improve the performance of their websites. He recently wrote the “The Pocket Guide to Responsive Web Performance” for... Read More.

Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis (Microsoft), @sigje

Jennifer Davis is a solutions engineer at Chef, where she helps both individuals and companies simplify building and managing their infrastructure. She has spoken about DevOps, tech culture, and monitoring, and gives tutorials on a... Read More.

Mike Demmer (Jut)

Mike is responsible for end-to-end development and operations of Jut’s analytics services. Previously, he ran the Pilot network analytics team at Riverbed, building analytics software based on the wireshark open source packet capture technology. He’s... Read More.

Laurie Denness
Laurie Denness (Bloomberg LP), @lozzd

Laurie Denness is a British Technical Team Lead, currently working at Bloomberg LP, previously staff operations engineer at Etsy. He can often be seen looking at or creating graphs, stalking his coworkers to collect... Read More.

Jessica DeVita

Jessica DeVita is a recovering sysadmin, in IT operations for about 18 years, seven years in corporate IT and almost 10 in private consulting. She is a technical evangelist at Microsoft, helping IT operations staff... Read More.

Sargun Dhillon (Basho)

Sargun Dhillon has 10+ years experience in building low-latency, internet-facing applications that require high availability. His background is in IT operations, and he spends much of his time thinking about how we can make distributed... Read More.

Mikey Dickerson
Mikey Dickerson (Federal Government | United States Digital Services Team)

In 2013, Mikey Dickerson joined what became known as the “ad hoc” team, tasked with rescuing after its failed launch on October 1. In August 2014, President Obama established the United States Digital Service... Read More.

Jason Ding
Jason Ding (, @jding

Jason Ding is senior director of Performance Engineering @ Salesforce. He is currently leading PerfEng teams to work on Salesforce’s next-gen CRM products based on the Lightning platform. He is also leading a cross-functional... Read More.

Huseyin is the VP of Engineering Services and Operations at VMware.

Jay Edwards
Jay Edwards (Meangrape, Inc.), @meangrape

Jay Edwards is the CTO at PalominoDB. As the first database administrator at Twitter, he experienced a gamut of growth ranging from a handful of servers to thousands. While the lead database engineer for... Read More.

Shane Evans
Shane Evans (Hewlett-Packard), @shaneevanslr

Shane Evans is a career performance engineer, and current product manager for the industry-leading HP LoadRunner product line. He has worked with large scale enterprise applications for over 15 years and helped build successful global... Read More.

Tammy Everts
Tammy Everts (SpeedCurve), @tameverts

As a senior researcher and evangelist at SOASTA, I research the technical, business, and human sides of web/application performance, and share the findings via countless blog posts, presentations, case studies, articles, and reports.

Tammy... Read More.

Rick Fast
Rick Fast (Expedia), @tortiepoint

Rick Fast is principal engineer at Orbitz. Prior to Orbitz, Rick was an engineer at CDK Global/Cobalt in Portland, an industry leader in automotive retail software. Additionally, he served as lead engineer at Nokia... Read More.

John Feminella
John Feminella (Pivotal), @jxxf

John Feminella is an avid technologist, occasional public speaker, and frequent instigator of assorted shenanigans. He recently co-founded UpHex, a startup providing analytics management for digital agencies and their clients. John is also a... Read More.

Amanda Folson
Burnout in tech Session

From humble beginnings as a PHP4 web developer in grade school, Amanda Folson now works as a developer advocate at GitLab, where she gets to share her passion for technology with others. When she’s not... Read More.

Nicole Forsgren

Nicole Forsgren Nicole is an expert in IT use, DevOps impacts, and communication and knowledge management practices, particularly among technical professionals. Her background spans analytics, enterprise storage (specializing in RAID performance), cost allocation, user... Read More.

Donald Foss
Donald Foss (Blue Triangle Technologies, Inc.), @eRevenueView

Donald Foss is a recognized leader in the DevOps and performance management space, with over 15 years of DevOps management and over 10 years of performance consulting management experience. He is a frequent speaker, having... Read More.

Paddy Ganti (Instart Logic), @paddy_ganti

Paddy Ganti is a director of solutions at Instart Logic. He drives the adoption of web performance best practices amongst Instart’s customers and provides compelling technical analyses for Instart’s prospects to becomes customers. His favorite... Read More.

David Genn
David Genn (IG Group), @david_genn

David is a technical lead at IG Group, a global leader in online retail financial trading.

He leads the team responsible for the API that serves web and mobile clients, and the public Read More.

Vijay Gill
Vijay Gill (, @vgill
Burnout in tech Session

In his last role, Vijay Gill was the GM and led the Global Network Services (GNS) teams for Microsoft Azure that supports the foundation infrastructure for Microsoft online services for consumers and businesses worldwide.

... Read More.
Chen Goldberg

Chen Goldberg is RnD Director at HP Software, Cloud & Automation. She received both her BA in Management and Computer Science and MBA from the Open University in Israel.

Chen started her career in... Read More.

Bill Green
Bill Green (New Relic), @cloudangst

Bill Green started his career working for various ISPs in the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 1990s. His primary skill-set is network engineering, with a special interest in monitoring and automation. Bill greatly... Read More.

Brendan Gregg
Linux perf tools Tutorial

Brendan Gregg is a senior performance architect at Netflix, where he does large-scale computer performance design, evaluation, analysis, and tuning. Previously, Brendan worked as a performance and kernel engineer. He has created performance analysis tools... Read More.

Ilya Grigorik

Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer and developer advocate at Google, where his focus is on making the web fast and driving adoption of performance best practices.

Gary Gruver
Gary Gruver (Practical Large Scale Agile LLC), @GRUVERGary

Gary Gruver an experienced executive with a proven track record of transforming software development processes in large organizations. He is the co-author of “A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development,” which documents the transformation he... Read More.

Sam Guckenheimer

Sam Guckenheimer is the author of “Agile Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio, from Concept to Continuous Feedback.” Currently Sam is the Product Owner for the Microsoft Visual Studio product line. In this capacity, he... Read More.

Amiya Gupta (Microsoft), @amiyagupta

Amiya Gupta works on performance for His job involves investigating performance regressions, analyzing data, and data quality, educating other developers on how to create fast sites, and most importantly making MSN webpages... Read More.

Martin is Developer Advocate at ruxit. Before joining ruxit, he worked as a Lead Software Developer and Architect on Java web applications for about a decade. Besides that, he is dedicated to software architecture, retro... Read More.

Tyler Hannan

Tyler Hannan is an experienced technologist with a passion for human interaction. Currently he’s director of technical marketing at Basho. With a career that has spanned the private and public sector, large enterprises, consulting, and... Read More.

Simon Hearne
Simon Hearne (NCC Group), @simonhearne

Simon is a web performance technical consultant at NCC Group, where his time is split between helping clients improve their web performance, and working on exciting new projects. Simon studied artificial intelligence and web... Read More.

Ariya Hidayat
Ariya Hidayat (Shape Security), @ariyahidayat

Ariya Hidayat (@ariyahidayat) is an engineer/technical lead/FOSS fan/blogger/speaker. He is the author of Esprima and PhantomJS. These days, his activities are mostly in software craftsmanship around HTML5, JavaScript, and other web technologies.

Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey Hightower is an open source advocate who is helping to build and advocate a modern way to run Linux servers at CoreOS. As an engineer, Kelsey enjoys building simple tools that make people smile.... Read More.

Steve Hoffman
Steve Hoffman (Journera), @bacoboy

Steve Hoffman is a senior principal engineer at Orbitz. Prior to Orbitz, Steve was senior software architect for Cleversafe, an industry-leading object-based storage provider. Additionally, he served as a senior software developer for G2 SwitchWorks,... Read More.

Jez Humble
Jez Humble (DevOps Research and Assessment LLC), @jezhumble

Jez Humble is a vice president at Chef, a lecturer at UC Berkeley, and co-author of the Jolt Award-winning Continuous Delivery, published in Martin Fowler’s Signature Series (Addison Wesley, 2010), and Lean Enterprise, in Eric... Read More.

Adam Jacob

A twelve year system operations veteran, Adam is the CTO of Chef, whose mission is to help companies the world over build amazing infrastructure.

Jeremy Johnson (

Jeremy Johnson currently works as the site performance manager for His responsibilities include helping guide the Ancestry site performance team, mentor team members, and help drive the changes needed to keep the site as... Read More.

Tim Kadlec
Tim Kadlec (Independent), @tkadlec

Tim Kadlec is a performance consultant and trainer focused on building a web everyone can use. He is the author of High Performance Images and Implementing Responsive Design: Building Sites for an Anywhere, Everywhere... Read More.

Sean Kane
Sean Kane (New Relic), @spkane

Sean is a Lead Site Reliability Engineer on New Relic’s Site Engineering team. He is a long-time system administrator and operations engineer who has lived in places ranging from Alaska (where he created the very... Read More.

Arun Kejariwal

@arun_kejariwal is a software engineer at Twitter, where he works on research and development of novel techniques for time series analysis. Prior to joining Twitter, Arun worked on research and development of practical and... Read More.

Katie is a designer at Sparkbox. She is the 2014 Net Awards Young Designer of the Year, a teacher for Girl Develop It, and a writer for various publications. She strongly values collaboration with her... Read More.

Rajiv Kurian is a software engineer with over five years experience building high performance distributed systems like databases, networking protocols and image processing. At SignalFx, Rajiv works on improving the performance of the ingest pipeline.

... Read More.
Aneel Lakhani
Aneel Lakhani (SignalFx), @aneel

Aneel drinks a lot of coffee. He’s been doing technology full time since highschool—from startups, to consulting, to teaching, to big tech companies, to analyst-ing, and back to startups. He currently does marketing at newly... Read More.

Eric Lawrence
HTTPS in 2015 Session

I’m passionate about building tools to help developers and testers build better web applications. I built the Fiddler Web Debugger and spent a dozen years at Microsoft working on the Office Online and Internet Explorer... Read More.

Bruce Lawson
Bruce Lawson (Opera ASA), @brucel

Bruce advocates open standards for Opera. He’s been involved in explaining and making web standards since 2002. He co-wrote the first book on HTML5, contributed to the W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices, and was a... Read More.

Zach Leatherman
Zach Leatherman (Filament Group), @zachleat

Zach Leatherman is a front end engineer with Filament Group. He has given talks at conferences like CSSConf and Smashing Conference. He also herds NebraskaJS, a JavaScript meetup. He previously held the title of User... Read More.

Rasmus Lerdorf
PHP 7 Session

Rasmus Lerdorf is known for having gotten the PHP project off the ground in 1995 and has contributed to a number of other open source projects over the years. He was an infrastructure architect... Read More.

Patrick is an entrepreneur at heart; prior to joining New Relic, he started two companies in the SaaS monitoring/APM space. He loves his role at New Relic because he gets to create new product... Read More.

Chris Love
Chris Love (Love 2 Dev), @ChrisLove

Chris has over 20 years, yes that’s right, of web development experience. He has built a wide variety of web sites and applications in those years. In recent years he has begun to immerse himself... Read More.

Robert Maas
Robert Maas (Nordstrom - Technology)

Robert is accountable for the Program Management and Technical Operations for the eCommerce website.

Nordstrom is on the journey from predictable large batch deployments to continuous deployment at the speed of business. Prior to... Read More.

Ritesh Maheshwari

Ritesh is currently a performance engineer at LinkedIn, working on making LinkedIn fast through network optimizations, RUM, and automation. Before LinkedIn, Ritesh was a performance engineer at Akamai, solving performance issues in Akamai’s global... Read More.

Charity Majors

Charity is a systems engineer at Parse/Facebook and is happily building out the next generation of mobile platform technology.

Charity is co-author of O’Reilly Media’s Databases at Scale. Learn more.

Ian Malpass

Ian is a senior software engineer at Etsy, and has been with the company for over five years working on areas from internal tooling to fraud detection and risk analysis. He’s currently on the Community... Read More.

Christina Maslach
Christina Maslach (UC Berkeley)
Burnout in tech Session

Christina Maslach received her A.B., magna cum laude, in Social Relations from Harvard-Radcliffe College in 1967, and her Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University in 1971. She has conducted research in a number of areas... Read More.

Karl Matthias
Karl Matthias (New Relic), @relistan

Karl Matthias has worked as a developer, systems administrator, and network engineer for everything from startups to Fortune 500 companies. After working for startups overseas for a few years in Germany and the UK, he... Read More.

Jesse Maula

Jesse Maula began his career at Idean in 2004, and since, has held various roles in the company from UX Specialist to CEO. Jesse is a UX pioneer with a solid experience in concept... Read More.

Mark Maun
Mark Maun (mobileforming), @markemn

Mark Maun is an engineering director for the Ticketmaster platform. His teams focus on delivering self-service solutions that promote a well-oiled software factory. This includes service-templates, build pipeline tools, code repositories, coverage analysis solutions, and... Read More.

Sean McCluskey (Intuit)

Sean McCluskey is the director of quality and operations for the Consumer Ecosystem Group at Intuit that includes Mint and Quicken. Prior to joining, he held various operations and development leadership positions at Cisco and... Read More.

Dave McCrory
Dave McCrory (Basho Technologies), @mccrory

Dave McCrory is the CTO of Basho Technologies. Most recently, McCrory served as SVP of engineering at Warner Music Group, where he led over 100 engineers building the company’s new Digital Services Platform,... Read More.

Patrick McKenna (GitHub)

Patrick first learned the magic of Git and GitHub while writing software in a particle physics lab. He now works for the Services team at GitHub.

Allison McKnight

Allison McKnight is a performance engineer at Etsy. She focuses on creating tools that allow her teammates to investigate how changes affect site performance. She loves adding context to alerts, climbing rocks, and learning new... Read More.

Patrick Meenan

Patrick Meenan has been working on web performance in one form or another for the last 15 years, and is currently working at Google on Chrome performance and to make the web faster. He created... Read More.

Vanessa Meyer
Vanessa Meyer (Load Impact), @VanessMeyer

Vanessa is currently marketing director/growth hacker at Load Impact. Although she has experience in many areas of tech life, from operations to product management, her passion lies in marketing and growth. Her focus is on... Read More.

Heather Mickman is the leader for the API and Integration team at Target and a DevOps enthusiast. Throughout her career, Heather has continuously embraced hard technology challenges, from consulting with large Fortune 50 companies... Read More.

Todd Minnella
Todd Minnella (conDati, Inc.), @toddminnella

Todd is a web operations professional with experience in designing, building, and managing IT infrastructure for both central services and externally-facing applications. He’s been helping people to be more productive with their computers and IT... Read More.

Sheldon Monteiro (SapientNitro), @sheldon_tm

SapientNitro’s global chief technology officer, Sheldon Monteiro works with SapientNitro’s executive team and Global 1000 clients to stay on the forefront of applying technology to craft groundbreaking experiences for today’s increasingly-connected consumer. Monteiro, a 16-year... Read More.

Jeanne Morain

is a strategist for cloud computing. Jeanne has held various executive roles in strategy, marketing and product management with Apollo Group, VMware and BMC Software (Marimba). Jeanne is a noted industry speaker who has... Read More.

Norm Morrison

Norm Morrison is responsible for site reliability/performance strategy at Radial. Through the efforts of his extended team, Radial maintains an industry-leading level of availability and performance for the e-commerce properties hosted on the Radial platforms.... Read More.

Rogier Mulhuijzen

Rogier “Doc” Mulhuijzen is a senior professional services engineer and Varnish wizard at Fastly, where performance-tuning and troubleshooting have formed a theme in his 17-year career. When he’s not helping customers, he sits on the... Read More.

Courtney Nash

Courtney manages all Velocity-related content for O’Reilly Media. An erstwhile academic neuroscientist, she is still fascinated by the brain and how people learn just about anything. She’s been known to teach people how to salsa... Read More.

Nat Natarajan

Nat Rajesh Natarajan is chief technology officer and senior vice president of product management and engineering for Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group, where he is responsible for the strategic direction of Intuit TurboTax technology and product... Read More.

Sam Newman
Sam Newman (Independent), @samnewman

Sam Newman is a developer at ThoughtWorks, where he’s been working for over ten years. During that time he’s worked extensively with the cloud and continuous delivery, especially preoccupied with understanding how to more... Read More.

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @timoreilly

Tim has a history of convening conversations that reshape the industry. In 1998, he organized the meeting where the term “open source software” was agreed on, and helped the business world understand its importance. In... Read More.

Lukasz Pater
Lukasz Pater (CERN)

Lukasz is a systems architect/developer with six years experience. He is in charge of the design and development of special solutions for CERN’s Asset Management System (dedicated interfaces, offline mobile apps, online lightweight interfaces, or... Read More.

Aaron Peters
Aaron Peters (TurboBytes), @aaronpeters

Aaron has worked with the web since 1997 in the areas of product, business development, UI and tech. Following three years of web performance consultancy, he founded and built the multi-CDN company TurboBytes in... Read More.

Robert Peters (Verizon Digital Media Services ), @rjpcal

Rob Peters
Chief Architect, Verizon Digital Media Services
Rob Peters is one of the early members of Verizon Digital Media Services’ engineering group. He currently leads teams that work with the company’s... Read More.

Tim Prendergast
Tim Prendergast (, @auxome

Tim co-founded to help others avoid the pain he endured when helping Adobe adopt the cloud at a massive level. After years of building, operating, and securing services in AWS, he set out... Read More.

Dorothy Pults
Dorothy Pults (Basho Technologies, Inc.)

Dorothy is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Basho
Technologies. She has the unique ability to bring technology and
marketing together to explain how technology solves real business
problems. Dorothy started... Read More.

Dana Quinn
Dana Quinn (Intuit)

Dana has 15 years of experience working in large scale, mission-critical web environments. Dana has been with Intuit for three years as director of App Ops for the CTO Dev organization, leading App Ops... Read More.

Guillermo Quintana

Guillermo is Senior Director of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering at Fanatics with a technical background across both retail and transpiration sectors. Prior to joining Fanatics, Guillermo worked at Williams-Sonoma Inc for 13 years where... Read More.

Siddharth Ram

Siddharth Ram is chief architect of the Small Business group at Intuit. He is responsible for the technology and architecture of a group with 1200+ engineers, covering products for small business — accounting, payments, payroll,... Read More.

Karthik Ramasamy

Karthik Ramasamy is the cofounder of Streamlio, a company building next-generation real-time processing engines. Karthik has more than two decades of experience working in parallel databases, big data infrastructure, and networking. Previously, he was engineering... Read More.

Rakesh Ranjan (IBM Analytics), @ranjans

Rakesh is a Cloud Services Reliability engineering leader at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California. His team brings data services to the IBM Bluemix Cloud, which offers developers the modern... Read More.

John Rauser
John Rauser (Snapchat), @jrauser

John has been extracting value from large datasets for over 20 years at hedge funds, small data-driven startups, Amazon, and now Pinterest. He has deep experience in machine learning, data visualization, on-line experimentation, website performance... Read More.

J. Paul Reed
J. Paul Reed (Release Engineering Approaches), @jpaulreed

DevOps and release engineering reporter for O’Reilly; host of The Ship Show

Alois Reitbauer

Alois is Chief Evangelist of ruxit. He is fanatic about monitoring, DevOps and application performance. He spent most of his professional career in building monitoring tools and speeding up applications. He is a regular conference... Read More.

Mehrdad Reshadi
Mehrdad Reshadi (Instart Logic)

Mehrdad is a lead developer on the HTML5 technologies team at Instart Logic, where he helps to improve web performance using HTML5. Previously he was a senior staff engineer at Qualcomm, where he worked on... Read More.

Paul Roy
Paul Roy (Microsoft)

Paul Roy leads the MSN Performance and Reliability team. Paul has 25 years of software industry experience as a developer, architect, and engineering manager in the areas of distributed operating systems and internet systems.... Read More.

Eric Sammer
Eric Sammer (Rocana), @esammer

Eric Sammer is the CTO and co-founder of ScalingData. Prior to ScalingData, he was an engineering manager at Cloudera. His background is in the development and operations of distributed, highly concurrent, data ingest and... Read More.

Wilfried Schobeiri

Wil Schobeiri is the senior vice president of technology at MediaMath, leading development of MediaMath’s digital marketing platform, which powers the operations of thousands of marketers. He is a lifetime technologist and entrepreneur, having launched... Read More.

Baron Schwartz
Baron Schwartz (VividCortex), @xaprb

Baron is founder and CEO of VividCortex, the best way to see what your production MySQL serves are doing. He is the lead author of High Performance MySQL and a variety of open-source software.

... Read More.
Sunil Shah
Sunil Shah (Mesosphere), @ssk2

Sunil Shah is a distributed applications engineer at Mesosphere, working on the applications and frameworks team to build tools and services around the Apache Mesos project.

Before joining Mesosphere, Sunil completed a master’s program at... Read More.

Tim Sheiner is a system thinker, user-experience strategist, and educator based in San Francisco. He designs enterprise software, process, and service models for business, and strategy for the efficient execution of public-interest projects.

He excels... Read More.

Alastair Simpson

Alastair Simpson has 10 years of experience in user experience design at large growth-focused businesses. Alastair is currently a project lead (Design), managing one of Atlassian’s key strategic initiatives for FY 2015. He is a... Read More.

Matt Solnit
Matt Solnit (SOASTA, Inc.), @msolnit

Matt Solnit is VP of engineering for server-side infrastructure at SOASTA, the leader in web and mobile performance analytics.

Steve Souders
Steve Souders (SpeedCurve), @souders

Steve works at SpeedCurve on the interplay between performance and design. He previously served as Google’s Head Performance Engineer, Chief Performance Yahoo!, and Chief Performance Officer at Fastly. Steve has pioneered much of... Read More.

Austin Spires

Austin is a lead customer engineer at Fastly. He’s been working on developer tools and customer happiness for five years, and frequently speaks at conferences and meetups. Recently he’s been blogging about how Fastly scales... Read More.

Sriram Srinivasan (IBM Cloud Data Services)

Sriram is a senior architect of cloud data services at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, California. He has architected and designed many services and solutions in the IBM Bluemix Cloud,... Read More.

Aaron Suggs (Kickstarter), @ktheory

Aaron Suggs is the lead operations engineer at Kickstarter, where he backs too many video game projects. He enjoys writing code that makes developers happier.

Jeff Sussna
Jeff Sussna (Ingineering.IT), @jeffsussna

Jeff Sussna is founder and principal of Ingineering.IT, a boutique consulting firm that facilitates adaptive IT through teaching, coaching, and strategic design. Jeff has more than 20 years of IT experience, and has led high-performance... Read More.

Gavin Towey
Gavin Towey (Box, Inc), @gtowey

Gavin Towey is a DBA at working on database operations, performance, and writing tools to make managing databases easier. He has worked with MySQL since 3.23 as a developer first, and has been... Read More.

Robert Treat

With more than 15 years of experience building database-backed, internet based systems at multiple fortune 500 companies, Robert is now CEO of OmniTI, a technical services firm focused on providing web application development and... Read More.

Ariel Tseitlin
Ariel Tseitlin (Scale Venture Partners), @atseitlin

Ariel is a partner at Scale Venture Partners, focused on investments in the cloud and security industries. He currently sits on the board of directors at Agari and CloudHealth Technologies.

Previously, Ariel was director of... Read More.

Suchi Upadhyayula is director of product development at Intuit, where she leads development of Prior to joining Intuit, she held various technology leadership positions at Oracle. Suchi earned an undergraduate degree in information systems... Read More.

Manish Vachharajani

Senior architect, founder LineRate, F5 Networks, Manish is a senior architect at F5 Networks responsible for the LineRate products and Node.js programmability. Manish came to F5 when it acquired LineRate Systems, a company he co-founded... Read More.

Seth Vargo

Seth Vargo has been a member of the DevOps community for about five years. He is a polyglot software engineer and open source advocate at HashiCorp. Previously, Seth worked at Chef (Opscode), CustomInk, and a... Read More.

Pawan Verma
Pawan Verma (Target)

Pawan Verma serve as VP of Digital & Marketing Technlogy at Target and leads Marketing Technologies, CartWheel, Guest Data, Mobility Platform, Cloud Engineering and API Platform teams. These teams architect and build applications and... Read More.

Mandi Walls

Mandi Walls is consulting director for EMEA at Chef. For Chef, she travels the world helping organizations increase their effectiveness using configuration management and modernizing IT practices. Prior to joining Chef, she ran large... Read More.

Norm Warren (Ancestry Inc), @normbi

Norm Warren works for to help people discover, preserve, and share their family history by providing site performance charts and graphs that monitor, trend, get to root cause, and more. He is author of... Read More.

Dustin Whittle

Dustin Whittle is a developer evangelist at AppDynamics focused on helping organizations manage their application performance. Before joining AppDynamics, Dustin was CTO at Kwarter, a consultant at SensioLabs, and developer evangelist at Yahoo!. He... Read More.

Benny Wong (Timehop), @bdotdub

Benny Wong is a cofounder and CTO at Timehop. Having built Timehop from a hackathon project through to an app with millions of daily active users, Benny has seen and worked in every part... Read More.

Rob Woolley is a computer engineer by training and a systems engineer by trade. Due to an extremely broad set of experiences across numerous industries (transportation, telecomm, oil and gas, medical, and financial), he is... Read More.

John Yi (Rackspace), @jyidiego

For over 10 years John has been fascinated with IT Automation. As a Consultant for Opsware (acquired by HP) he worked for a wide range of range of industries in retail, finance, media, and healthcare.... Read More.

Indi Young

Indi Young is an empathy researcher and writer. She helps organizations of any size explore different perspectives, both internal and external, to bring insights that help clarify and reframe the way people make things and... Read More.

Kyle Young
Kyle Young (Mobify), @ksgyoung

Kyle Young is a system engineer and DevOps enthusiast at Mobify, helping automate what can be, and moving things into very small shell scripts.

Mark Zeman
Mark Zeman (SpeedCurve), @markzeman

Mark Zeman is the founder of SpeedCurve, a front-end performance monitoring service that gives you continuous feedback on how your front-end code is affecting the performance of your website.

Mark comes from a design background... Read More.