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January 19–20, 2016: Training
January 20–22, 2016: Conference
San Francisco, CA
Ben Brown

Ben Brown
Cofounder, Howdy

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Ben Brown is a veteran software designer and developer. Over the past 20 years, he’s been involved in almost every aspect of technology, from infrastructure to financing. Ben cofounded, a tool for building customized artificially intelligent digital coworkers that live in messaging apps and chat rooms.


3:45pm Friday, 01/22/2016
The new fundamentals
Location: The Chapel
Ben Brown (Howdy)
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Messaging apps and chatrooms are platforms for a new type of application: one that is purely text based. This new type of app requires new processes and techniques and a different set of disciplines than previous apps or websites. Ben Brown delves into how designers are beginning to create these apps and discusses what it will mean for your app, brand, or publication to be all text. Read more.