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January 19–20, 2016: Training
January 20–22, 2016: Conference
San Francisco, CA
Tristan Harris

Tristan Harris
Product Philosopher, Google

Website | @tristanharris

Tristan Harris is a design thinker, philosopher, and entrepreneur—most recently focused on design ethics. Tristan was rated #16 in Inc. magazine’s “Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30” of 2009, is a former Mayfield fellow in Stanford’s Technology Venture Program in Entrepreneurship, and graduated with a BS in computer science from Stanford University.

Currently, Tristan is developing a design framework at Google to help product designers facilitate conscious choices for users. Before this, he was cofounder and CEO of Apture, an instant explanation engine that enabled millions of users to get on-the-fly explanations about any topic without leaving their place on the Web. Google acquired Apture in 2011.


3:45pm Thursday, 01/21/2016
Design for a greater good
Location: Festival Pavilion - Main Stage
Tristan Harris (Google)
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The attention economy reduces design to a race to the bottom of the brain stem to seduce our psychological instincts. What if we created an "organic movement" for design whose goal was to support humanity? Tristan Harris explores how this movement is possible by emphasizing "time well spent" instead of "time spent," in turn maximizing design's net positive contributions to people's lives. Read more.