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January 19–20, 2016: Training
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Design at GoPro: Capturing the physical world to tell your story in a digital space

Vanessa Cho (GoPro), Wesley Yun (GoPro)
2:05pm Friday, 01/22/2016
The new fundamentals
Location: Generals Residence Ballroom
Tags: Innovation
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Technology helps us see ourselves in new and exciting ways—ways that were previously impossible—by enabling us to capture what life looks like from another point of view. At GoPro, this has been the recipe for success: to help you see yourself in new ways, ranging from new angles to new heights and new perspectives—capturing not only what’s in front of you, but what’s all around you.

Simply capturing that image of yourself in a new way is not enough; it’s not satisfying to take a video of your skydiving adventure and then let it sit on a SD card in a shoebox gathering dust. People have a deep, innate desire to immediately share the images they’ve captured because this is how our generation is wired. We connect through sharing: sharing life experiences is the new currency in our social world. The software design challenge at GoPro is to create a friction-free sharing experience for users, who may be in some of the most extreme locations in the world—imagine a user who wants to post a sick 4K video from the middle of the desert, for instance. Vanessa Cho and Wesley Yun walk participants through how GoPro is learning to design for the majority of their users that pride themselves on being the minority.

Photo of Vanessa Cho

Vanessa Cho


Vanessa Cho is head of user experience and design for software and services at GoPro, where she is responsible for product design and research for web, mobile, desktop, and TV. In just 18 months under her leadership, the GoPro Software UX team grew from 1 to 18 remarkable designers focused on strategy, interaction, content, visual, prototyping, and research. Prior to GoPro, Vanessa was senior director of user experience at Walmart Labs, where she led a 50+ person user experience team for Walmart Global eCommerce, with responsibility for the US market. Since she began her career after graduating from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design, Vanessa has gained over 17 years of experience working on consumer-facing products.

Photo of Wesley Yun

Wesley Yun


Wesley Yun currently leads the UX effort for hardware at GoPro, designing for all of GoPro’s amazing cameras, quadcopters, and accessories. His goal is to create a vibrant culture of creativity, transparency, and collaboration.

Previously, Wesley led design at companies including Lytro, Samsung, Motorola, RIM, Palm, and Helio, working on cameras, the IoT, wearables, mobile operating systems, and televisions. Prior to working on products, Wesley worked at several agencies—Viant, the Designory, and Zentropy/MRM—on projects for Nissan/Infiniti, Billboard, Marvel, Movielink, GM BuyPower, Sony, Kenneth Cole, Nautica, and Sears. He has mentored and advised KPCB Design fellows and invests in and mentors for Designer Fund.