Design the Future
January 19–20, 2016: Training
January 20–22, 2016: Conference
San Francisco, CA

Designing with data

Pamela Pavliscak (SoundingBox)
9:00am Wednesday, 01/20/2016
Location: Southside Theater
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There are so many myths about data-informed design: it’s all about analytics or A/B testing, it doesn’t produce real insights, it doesn’t include qualitative data, etc. The truth is that we are still defining data-informed design—it’s up to us to determine what will have meaning for the user experience.

Together, we will consider how to identify the data from analytics, A/B tests, social media sentiment, surveys, and qualitative research that matters most to user experience. Then we will look at some ways to use this data to make smart decisions about the experiences you are creating for people who use your site, app, or product.

Participants will learn how to think like a data scientist and use data to make smart design decisions. We will cover strategies for using a mix of data to make the user experience better and tips for tuning in to the right signals from analytics, A/B tests, intercepts, follow-ups, social media, and qualitative research. We will also explore some commonly-used metrics that tie in with user experience design.

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Pamela Pavliscak


Pamela Pavliscak (pronounced pav-li-check) is the CEO of SoundingBox, where she advises designers, developers, and decision makers on how to create technologies with emotional intelligence. Pamela is also on the faculty at Pratt Institute’s School of Information and is leading an effort for IEEE Standards for ethics and artificial intelligence. Pamela explores our conflicted and emotional relationship with technology and often speaks on creativity in the digital age, generation Z, and emotion and technology, most recently at SXSW and Collision.