Joseph Adler

Joseph Adler
Data Science, Facebook


Joseph Adler has many years of experience in data mining and data analysis at companies including DoubleClick, Verisign, and LinkedIn. Currently, he is director of product management and data science at Confluent. He is the holder of several patents for computer security and cryptography and the author of Baseball Hacks and R in a Nutshell. He graduated from MIT with a BSc and MEng in computer science and electrical engineering.


Joseph Adler (Facebook)
Today, you can store terabytes of data for pennies per GB. But just because you can store it doesn't mean that you can do anything useful with it. In this talk, we'll look at when data size becomes a problem. When is it hard to keep data current and consistent? When is it hard to learn from the data? And when does data cause privacy and security concerns?