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Practical Applications of Data Science

Ever since Hal Varian proclaimed that data analysis is the sexy career for the coming decade, people have been talking about data. And big data. And even bigger data.

This online conference, Making Data Work, brings together four experts on data and data analysis to show you what data is all about. How is data used in successful enterprises? What kinds of tools do you use to work wth the data? How do you use use visual techniques to give you insight to what the data is saying, and present those conclusions to others? Along the way, we'll talk about topics such as statistics, machine learning, really large databases, and baseball, and we'll look at industries as diverse as banking and biology.

If data is the key to success in the 21st century, and if the businesses that thrive are the ones who understand how to use their data effectively, you can't afford to miss this event.

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Michael Driscoll

Winning with Big Data: Secrets of the Successful Data Scientist Speaker: Michael Driscoll, (Dataspora)

The world is experiencing an Industrial Revolution of Data. In any given minute the machines around us are tracking billions of mouse clicks, credit card swipes, and GPS coordinates. And increasingly this data is being saved, aggregated, and analyzed. These massive data flows present big challenges to firms, but also new opportunities for deriving insights.

Joe Adler

When is Data Size a Problem? Speaker: Joe Adler, LinkedIn

Today, you can store terabytes of data for pennies per GB. But just because you can store it doesn't mean that you can do anything useful with it. In this talk, we'll look at when data size becomes a problem. When is it hard to keep data current and consistent? When is it hard to learn from the data? And when does data cause privacy and security concerns?

Hilary Mason

Practical Problems and Solutions for Machine Learning Speaker: Hilary Mason, Bit.ly

This presentation will review and discuss common data problems encountered with web-sourced data, such as content cleaning, duplicate detection, clustering, and classification and describe the algorithms that work best as the volume of data increases, along with hacks for getting high-quality results as quickly as possible.

Ben Fry

Visualizing Data Speaker: Ben Fry, Ben Fry LLC

The ability to collect and store data continues to increase, but our ability to understand it remains unchanged. In an attempt to gain better understanding of data, fields such as information visualization, data mining and graphic design are employed, each solving an isolated part of the specific problem, but failing in a broader sense.

Program subject to refinement. All talks are 30 minutes (including 10 minutes of Q&A), with a 15 minute break at US-PDT: 10:10am (US-EDT: 1:10pm).
The entire conference will be recorded and made available to attendees free of charge afterwards.


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