The Cultivate Conference 2013: Complete Video Compilation is now available.

Cultivate was a one-day event for leaders (and aspiring leaders) at technology companies to hear directly from successful tech founders and managers, learn from each other, and come away inspired to build companies that make a difference.

 Learn from these leaders 

Michael Lopp

Michael Lopp, Palantir Technologies
I Hate Meetings
In this meeting about meetings, Michael will explain why meetings are unjustifiably hated. He will explain where they came from, and how they mutated into a colossal waste of time...More »

Kate Matsudaira

Kate Matsudaira, popforms
What Do You Do All Day?
You go to meetings. You process your inbox. You might make a presentation here and there. You certainly seem busy. But I bet if I asked your team what it is you do all day long...More »

Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah, CrazyEgg / KISSmetrics
How to Create a Culture of Shipping Product Continuously
If you aren't shipping product regularly, you are dying. People often get in an endless cycle of iterating their product without actually shipping it to customers. Many times this is because... More »

Patrick Collison

Patrick Collison, Stripe
Nothing to Hide: Living with Complete Email Transparency
At Stripe, all email communication is accessible to any employee. In this talk, Patrick Collison, the CEO and founder of Stripe, will discuss the rationale for the decision, the effects it has had on the company culture, and how... More »

Patty McCord

Patty McCord, Patty McCord Consulting
Leveraging Logic as a Leader
Honesty, candor, truth, data: the basic tenants to a good code review or product evaluation. Those are the same guiding principles to creating great teams where people do their best work. More »

Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media, Inc.
How I Failed
It's easy to focus on customers and product, and product-market fit, and to forget that if you’re building for the long haul, the company itself, and the people in it, must be your most important focus. More »

Elaine Wherry

Elaine Wherry, meebo
Cracking the Culture Code
This talk demystifies culture and provides real-world case studies that illustrate how not-so-fuzzy and highly strategic cultural thinking ultimately makes or breaks every company. More »

Scott Chacon

Scott Chacon, GitHub
Leading from First Principles
This talk will delve into the decision making process at GitHub and how we re-approach nearly every decision based on the first principles of what we're trying to accomplish, not just on what other companies have done. More »

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I find that improving the culture of the place where I work to be the most challenging, selfless, and rewarding work that I do.
—Eli Goodman, Etsy

5 great reasons to attend Cultivate 2013

  • Great Speakers: Patrick Collison, Stripe; Kate Matsudaira, popforms; Hiten Shah, CrazyEgg / KISSmetrics; Patty McCord; and more.
  • Great Topics: Crafting the right technology strategy for your company, growing an exceptional team, managing 1-on-1, creating processes that work—everything (well, the essential things) that technical leaders need to know about people, business, and tech.
  • Great Advice: Straight talk about what works and what doesn't—from people who've learned to lead on the job, while growing a company.
  • Great Connections: It doesn't have to be lonely at the top. Meet, collaborate, and share stories and strategies with others who are leading teams and companies.
  • Great Momentum: Get a concentrated dose of wisdom, camaraderie, and tools that you can take back to work and use right away

The very first O'Reilly Cultivate took place Monday, October 14 at the Hilton New York, and was co-located with Velocity, the O’Reilly web performance and operations conference.

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