An O’Reilly Radar Summit Bitcoin & the Blockchain

Realities, Risks, Rewards

January 27, 2015 San Francisco, CA

Taking Bitcoin Global: Technical Strategies for Scaling

1:40pm–1:55pm Tuesday, 01/27/2015
Location: Cowell Theater Level:

If you’re familiar with the blockchain, you know scalability is an issue. Sidechains are a means of moving value securely and in a trustless manner from the Bitcoin blockchain to other “Pegged Sidechains.” Can this solve the scalability issues? Is it is a good idea? We’ll hear both sides of the story.

Photo of Peter Todd

Peter Todd

Viacoin | Bitcoin

Peter Todd is a full-time Bitcoin and decentralised consensus consultant known for his work for a variety of “Bitcoin 2.0” projects such as Mastercoin, Counterparty, Viacoin, coloured coins, while also contributing to the Bitcoin Core development. He’s also known as an outspoken advocate of decentralisation, and anonymity, including acting as DarkWallet’s Chief Scientist, advising them on their privacy technologies and strategy. Peter brings to Bitcoin an equally diverse background: a fine arts degree, physics and computer science, and six years experience as an analog electronics designer.

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