October 19, 2016
San Francisco, CA
Andy Mauro

Andy Mauro
Cofounder and CEO, Automat

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Facebook and Microsoft opened up their messaging platforms to bots this year. Google has announced an intention to do so, and Apple has its own spin on iMessage Apps. Kik, Telegram, and Line were early to the party with bot support for their niche consumer bases. What about Snapchat? Is Alexa a bot? Each of these platforms differs in its technical capabilities, use cases, design models, development processes, and strategic role.

We’ve asked a couple of Bot Day speakers to evaluate the players from the other side of the mirror. For an overview of the platforms, we’ve turned to Andy Mauro, who has been working on conversational technology for over 15 years and whose company, Automat, is building tools for bot creators. Andy will offer an overview of the platform landscape from demographic and UX strategy to technical features.

—Jon Bruner, Program Chair

Andy Mauro is the cofounder and CEO of Automat, a seed-stage startup that makes it easy for anyone to build a messaging bot leveraging artificial intelligence and human expertise to enable business conversations at scale. Automat’s cofounders and team collectively have over 50 years’ experience and 17 patents in the fields of speech recognition, natural language understanding, virtual assistants, and AI.


11:15am–12:05pm Wednesday, 10/19/2016
Andy Mauro (Automat)
Facebook, Slack, Amazon, and Microsoft all offer important platforms for bots. Google and Apple are on their way, as are a variety of other services such as Snapchat, Kik, Line, and Telegram. Andy Mauro offers an overview of the platform landscape, from demographic and UX strategy to technical features. Read more.