October 19, 2016
San Francisco, CA

About the Attendee Directory

See Who Else is Going, Meet Other Attendees, and Evaluate Sessions

Attendee Directory Already joined the Attendee Directory, access it here

The online Attendee Directory can be used to easily contact and network with other attendees before, during, and after the event. We encourage you to do so and get the conversation started with others attending Bot Day.

Some Tips

Here is a quick overview of how to access and what you can do on the Attendee Directory.

Set up Your Profile
Visit your profile management page to fill in your your personal details. Be sure to add your Twitter ID and upload a profile photo to make it easier for people to connect with you onsite.

As an icebreaker and to become more "findable," you might want to include the following information in your personal bio ("Biography" field):

  • Your job title
  • Type of work do you do (i.e. web design, app development, community management, etc.)
  • The Bot Day speakers and/or sessions are you most interested in hearing
  • Any other information you like others to know about you—where you're from, accomplishments, alma mater, etc.

Build & Share Your Personal Schedule
A link to your personal schedule will be on your profile. Keeping your schedule up to date to allow fellow Bot Day attendees to compare interests and locate you on-site.

Finding People
Sort your view of your contacts using the "Show" drop down menu. You can also use the search field on this page to search for attendees by name, company, and bio/geo keywords (ex: "finance", "Python", or "mobile").

Click on the "Messages" tab on your Bot Day Dashboard to view and respond to any messages sent to or by you. Your notification settings will allow these messages to be sent directly to you via email.
To discontinue receiving an email notification whenever someone messages you, marks you as a contact, or would like to meet you, set your Notification preferences.

Messaging Etiquette

Please note: The purpose of the messaging feature in the Attendee Directory is to intentionally connect with other individual attendees through personal communication. Please do not send generic messages to everyone in the directory as that can be interpreted as spam. To avoid getting complaints from other attendees and having your Attendee Directory access revoked, please do not send sales pitches, boilerplate requests for meetings, etc.

Mingle, Mingle, Mingle
The main page of the Attendee Directory is a list of everyone else who's participating. Build your network! Each attendee listing includes links for you to be able to send another attendee a message, mark them as a contact you already know, or indicate who you'd like to meet.

Send Us Your Feedback

We'd appreciate any constructive feedback about your experience using the Attendee Directory features. Please send us an email at confreg@oreilly.com.

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